5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy A Course or Program

Which online courses, coaching or training should you be investing in now?

I invest in a ton of courses and training because I’m committed to increasing my skill-set in many areas.

This week’s Marketing & Mindset video is for you if you find yourself overwhelmed when faced with too many options of who to coach with or what courses to buy.

Here’s the thinking process I use and I’m sharing it with you so you can adapt it for yourself and end the dilemma of what to buy and what not to buy once and for all!

So those are the 5 questions I run through my mind when I’m deciding whether to invest in a particular course or not.

There is a HUGELY important message for you in one of the questions which reveals the #1 reason that so many people never reach the goals they set for themselves.

Can you guess which one it is?

Leave your answer, questions or comments below and I’ll reply just as soon as I can.

As always thanks for watching and please share the video on your favourite social media and help end the confusion of how to decide which courses and programmes make a good investment.

p.s Apologies for the surprise guest making some rather peculiar sounds in the middle of my important message but hey I’m keeping it real and this is what I’m up against. :)

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    1. Maija
      3 years ago

      Wow, spot on Rachel, we’re in sync this week! At the end of last week I was overwhelmed by how many options I had, and aware I didn’t have the funds to buy them all, or the time to implement them all at the same time. So I had to choose. I did ask myself “which do I want?” and went with my gut as you say. That was the final decider after sleeping on it for a couple of nights.

      Loving the informal videos, very inspiring for me, thanks for leading by example. And Georgie was funny – I was just talking to a friend yesterday about her cat keeps trying to interrupt when she is on the telephone!
      Maija recently posted..Top 3 Website Worries and How To Overcome Them

      • rhenke
        3 years ago

        Thanks Maija. It can be really overwhelming so yes it’s great to be able to go back to these fundamentals & check in with yourself!

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