5 Reasons You Need Your Own Online Multi Channel Platform

When I first started marketing online in 2006 my colleagues laughed at the idea of using Facebook for business.

I’m not easily derailed so I smiled and just went ahead anyway.

It wasn’t long before I was signing new customers into my program with zero marketing cost.

I was fed up of driving round the county presenting one on one and even more tired of sinking all my lovely profits back into advertising leads which I then had to call and convert.

And although I like networking meetings in small doses I don’t like to feel as though my business doesn’t operate unless I’m physically present.

Thanks but no thanks …

‘I’ll dabble a bit more with Facebook and Linked In & see what happens,’ I remember thinking.

The result was my business went global and I got to spend a lot more time at home with my gorgeous family which after all was the whole point of starting my home business in the first place.

I didn’t even have my own website.

But now we’re in another watershed moment.

You’ve probably got your profile on Facebook and Twitter and may have a Facebook Page for your business.

You may even have a blog and if you’re ‘really’ advanced you might have your own newsletter & YouTube channel.

Secretly you sometimes wonder if all of this is worth the hassle and where it’s all going.

And rightly so because it’s no longer enough, if it ever was, to have social media ‘outposts’ that you update with a weekly blog post and what you had for dinner.

That wouldn’t be compelling enough to get you much success offline so why would it do the trick online?

But what’s all this talk of ‘platform’ and multi-channel marketing?

Pssss…. Lean in closer, I want you to listen carefully here.

This is another Facebook moment like the one I experienced in 2006 but this time YOU get the chance to be ahead of the crowds and to cash in on your vision.

In The Niche Expert I talked of the real ‘risk of being trampled by the cyber foot’ if you don’t get social media savvy and have an online presence.

Once again we’re in a critical moment in the social media and online tapestry where we’re moving from online presence to online platform.

For many entrepreneurs and business owners it might seem too grand.

Many of us did all we could to stay out of the spotlight and as far away from the platform (stage) as we could.

And now Rachel you’re saying we need to not only speak on the platform but actually own it?

Yes that’s exactly the point.

What you do online next, I believe will have a profound effect on your business success in the coming years.

Here are 5 Reasons You Must Own Your Purposeful & Profitable Platform Now

  • Expensive, fancy looking websites designed to look pretty are often useless for marketing purposes


  • If you don’t OWN your own website you can lose your online presence & all your hard work to date in one click


  • If someone else owns the software & manages your website & database you’ll likely have no control if they go out of business


  • Replicated or ‘ready made’ websites do next to nothing for your online presence & if you cancel your monthly payment you’re screwed!


So if you have social media ‘outposts’ and a disjointed online presence with no cohesive strategy now is the time to take a big leap forward into creating your own platform.

And to wrap up today I’ve got 3 questions for you:

1) If your website isn’t making you money with online sales, bringing you targeted leads and/or new clients each month then what is it for?

2) If you’re not partnering with the big dogs such as Apple (iTunes), Amazon, Facebook, YouTube & Google then where is your leverage?

3) If your website isn’t mobile marketing friendly then how many millions of visitors are you going to miss out on as more and more of your ideal customers use iphones, androids and ipads to do their research and shopping?

A multi-channel marketing approach combined with your own client attracting and profit pulling website is now essential.

The old fashioned little mom and pop websites are struggling to stay in the game and you have no better strategy for any kind of business than to create your own powerful & purposeful multi-channel platform NOW.

I hope you’ll take the leap with me and would love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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