Are Blogging & Guest Blogging Really Dead?

BLOGGING DEAD?If you’ve been marketing online for a while or are just starting an online business you’ll probably have noticed that things change pretty fast.

It can be overwhelming especially if you’re not as organized as you might like.

Many people fall prey to hopping about from one shiny new toy to another which is really just another form of procrastination.

I’ve certainly been guilty of it myself.

When you’re creating your marketing game plan, as we call it in The Niche Expert community, it can be tempting to dabble with methods instead of seeing things through to get results.

In reality it takes at least 6 months of consistent effort for most people to start seeing results from online efforts unless you already have ‘stuff’ to promote and are experienced in promoting.

Recently there’s been a lot of buzz about Ryan Deiss’s new program Authority ROI because he talks about blogging being dead and promotes recruiting writers to create content for your blog instead.

I’ve had a few panicked enquiries from clients and subscribers wondering if blogging or guest blogging is really dead so today’s post will help you decide if it’s the right strategy for you.

Blogging & Guest Blogging.

It all depends which side of the fence you’re on. Ryan is teaching a course on publishing so of course as a marketer he’s focusing on the winning angle from the publisher’s point of view.

On the other hand if blogging is dead and guest blogging is really a waste of time then it stands to reason that as a publisher you’ll struggle to get people to write for you so can this be true?

I don’t believe blogging is dead at all but Ryan is trying to get the attention of hard core bloggers who try to make a full time living with their blog alone.

If you implement the Marketing Game Plan strategy and have a product to promote you can create a real business not just a blog which has always been the end game for most of us.

The publishing model is brilliant and I’ve applied a lot of what I learned from a coaching program with Mary Ellen Tribby called Inbox Empire.  Ryan’s new course is a spin off of this as they collaborated on Inbox Empire when it launched and Mary Ellen helped Ryan turn his websites into online magazine format.

So it’s not really a new strategy but that’s a good thing. When you decide which methods you’ll use and which business model to operate you want to go for proven models and methods.

I can’t imagine any coach, consultant, author or expert of any kind not benefiting by having a blog even if they only update it occasionally.

Yes if you’re the owner of a site like Forbes then perhaps you can get off the hook of updating your blog personally but is that the model you operate?

If on the other hand you want to get clients not just publish a newsletter then the more they can sample you personally the better and blogging is perfect for that.

Many publishing models promote other writers but even then the owner often contributes too because that is how you get your name and brand out there.

So for now I’d say even if you want to create an online magazine or website based on the publishing model you’re probably still going to need to create some content … otherwise you’re going to be held to ransom by writers.

If your main goal is to get clients or sell your products then don’t get confused by this because it’s a different model entirely.

What is guest blogging?

I’m not saying you do a few guest blogs (write for other websites in your niche) and you can retire and never work again as that would just be silly.

I am saying that if you’re strategic in the websites and blogs you choose to collaborate with you can benefit from guest blogging in multiple ways:

  • You get ‘expert positioning’ by being featured as an expert in your niche
  • You tap into what’s called ‘Other People’s Audience’s’
  • You can generate leads if people reading your article click back to your website to subscribe
  • If you have products you can collaborate with the website owner to recommend them which is a perfect next step to your published article
  • When prospective clients google you and find you’ve been featured on other websites that validates you and your company
  • When a little stream or a tidal wave of people flock to your site as a result of your guest posting, Google sees your site as popular ‘outside of Google’ which is major for the latest trends of search engine optimization. (Getting a bit geeky here)
  • Can lead to regular content syndication like happened for me at The
 Bomb and Home Business Radio Network
  • Are these enough benefits for you to start reaching out to websites in your niche and offering the occasional article?

It’s no different than trying to run a business without ever speaking to anyone.  If you want to get other people talking about your stuff you need to collaborate.

What’s the bottom line?

You’re not off the hook with blogging!  When blogging on your own blog you have a unique opportunity to get your voice out there to connect with your perfect clients and customers.

Even if you’re a total whiz on social media your prospects or potential clients still want to find out more before they enrol to work with you or buy your products and what easier way is there than pointing them to your blog?

If you have done your niche research you can also strategically be found on Google by the smart use of your niche keywords which you sprinkle through your blogs.


It can be if you haven’t had the training and coaching to help you with this.

So if you’re blogging and guest blogging without knowing how to use keywords and/or how to collaborate
with the publisher for a win win then it may well be a waste of time.

Otherwise keep on blogging!

The challenge this week is to research highly trafficked websites (use Alexa Toobar to see) in your niche that have audience’s that match the people you want to reach. Then connect with the owners and ask if they’re open to guest posts or follow the instructions at their website.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on blogging and/or guest blogging.

If you’ve found this helpful please share on your fave social media because social validation is becoming increasingly important in Google’s eyes too. 🙂




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