Are You Aligned or in Constant Struggle?

IMG_0976Being an online entrepreneur can be tough because there is so much to master at once.

Unless you’re blessed to be a naturally positive person you’ll probably have to consistently work on yourself to stay upbeat.

The easiest way is to set up your business model so that it is as aligned with what you enjoy doing as much as possible.

I call this your mini mission or mega movement.

There will always be parts of any business that aren’t fun for you to do or that are better off given to someone else to do.

And that’s okay.

I’m sure that Jeff Bezos of Amazon doesn’t love every part of the e-commerce platform that is Amazon.

But I bet he loves his big idea and the influence that Amazon has in the market place.

Maybe he is passionate about books.

If he wasn’t before he most likely is now!

There’s a big chance that something to do with books or reading really got him jazzed up.

But he didn’t set up a second hand book store and say, ‘to do what I love I must suffer and be poor.’

And I don’t recommend you do either.

By being fully aligned with your business model everything will flow better and you will procrastinate less and get more done.

This is especially true for enlightened entrepreneurs; we want to make great money but not at the price of enjoying our lives and being authentic.

So there is a happy medium.

What you love to do must in some way connect with what your perfect clients or customers want or you won’t make money.

The bits you don’t love to do can be outsourced once you’re clear on how you want them done.

So don’t beat yourself up if sometimes your business feels like hard work as you figure all of this out.

But if it’s more often hard work and struggle, than inspiring and fun then maybe it’s time to take a look at your business model and how aligned with it you are.

It may be the way you are working that’s draining you even though you love what you do.

It could be that you have too many private clients and have no time to work on the big picture stuff that you love.

Or it could be that you spend too much time working on the big picture stuff but haven’t set up a plan for consistent cash flow.

The doing what you love and the money will follow concept has some gaping holes in it if you don’t implement solid marketing & business plans.

Hope is good but it’s definitely not a money making strategy.

Sometimes it’s some little tweaks that make a huge difference in how happy and aligned you feel or sometimes a complete overhaul is required.

Only you know how aligned you feel by listening to your heart and peaking into your bank account.

But remember it’s super fine to make great money by giving great value to others and everything you love to do does not have to be monetised.

Finding your perfect niche is a journey of self-discovery and it’s usually not an overnight miracle.

If you have a sustainable business model which brings you consistent cash flow you can also afford to organise your schedule so that you have lots of free time to pursue your passions and other interests. 

Be open to change and skill development because that’s what it takes to become fully aligned with your purpose driven business model.

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