Here’s what today’s new Transformation Conversation podcast, “Must You Believe To Achieve?” covers:

  • When persistance isn’t helpful
  • The myth of the positivity bubble
  • How to be open to miracles but operate from reality
  • Controversial thoughts on the classic ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ by Napleon Hill
  • Millionaire mindset
  • What type of truth we’re looking for as our guide
  • How to master your mind without toxic goals


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Podcast Transcript

Hello there, this is Rachel Henke bringing you this week’s new Transformation Conversation Podcast. I’m having such a wonderful time creating these for you.

It’s really easy for me, this is what I’m talking about when in business I talk about the Genius Zone. It’s like, when something just comes to you so naturally and so easily it’s not a big effort. That’s how I feel about these podcasts.

On the other hand, just to give a little update, you may have noticed that the image on iTunes and the description is still the old podcast of Marketing and Mindset.

We have done everything we can to try and change that up and update it, but iTunes can be very temperamental, so we’re working on that. If you notice that disconnect don’t let that get in the way, this is the right podcast that you’re on. It’s the new Transformation Conversation. Hopefully if you’re listening to this down the line, it will have all worked out beautifully and the image will be correct.

I just want to share with you that even when things are flowing beautifully from a place where you feel right doing them and it’s easy for you, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t tech issues, or stuff that just needs to be dealt with. That doesn’t need to stop you, right?

So today’s podcast is on a topic that I’ve been thinking about for quite a long time now, and I really want to share it with you. It’s, “Do you need to believe to achieve?” Now, I was brought up kind of in the business and marketing world, really old school personal development, very American kind of old school such as, “Think and Grow Rich,” type literature, “The Science Of Getting Rich,” and just lots of books like that, that I’ve really enjoyed, and I’ve studied over the years, and I’ve taken a lot from them.

I’m not going to knock them, but I have to say that now since I’ve had my … I call it my fearless paradigm shift. Just my whole foundation of how I see the world has shifted in such a big way, things that I used to think were true no longer look true to me.

This isn’t for me to try and convince you to see things my way, or to tell you about the latest strategy, or latest theory, this is just for me to point you towards everything I do from now on.

Whether it’s business focused marketing, mindset, it’s all just really to point you in the direction of what I’m seeing is truth, and for you to see what’s true for you.

This whole idea about you having to believe to achieve, I always struggled with this because I used to … as a sensitive kind of entrepreneur, and very new in business back in the day I was in a business that was very turbulent. It was very up and down, and I just remember always questioning this.

“How can I always believe that? What if I have a bad day, does that mean then that I can’t have a good business?” This was a big disconnect. I knew there was something wrong with it. I couldn’t put my finger on it, and everywhere I went, all these positive type teachers, and mentors, and guru’s, we became so positive that it was almost illegal to say a negative word, right?

I’m not joking, it was like all of the literature, all of the personal development, so much of that, the kind of what we’ve … on the shoulders of these personal development giants that we’re standing on from years before, it’s all about that. A lot of it is about that positivity.

You can start to feel like something’s wrong with you if you don’t really resonate with it all, all the time. This thing of ‘do you need to believe to achieve’, I used to really beat myself up thinking, “Wow, maybe when it’s not going as well I’m not believing enough,” right?

I work on myself, and I know if you’re listening to this, you know you’ve probably had instances where you’ve had similar thoughts because we’re human and we all have them.

We can’t all believe 100% all the time. When people believe this, and your mentors, and teachers, and people that are reading these books, when they say things like that you can take them so literally that it can backfire.

Whilst it may be helpful to believe, I think it’s helpful to believe that you’re going to succeed if it helps you to take action, and to keep you feeling like you want to move forward.

If you start a new business, or you start a new project and from the beginning you’re thinking, “I’m not going to succeed,” then it’s not going to be very helpful for you in a very practical way.

That’s why now I’d far rather point you to be in tune with yourself to see what the signs are. Is a project really feeling like it’s right for you from inside, not from what other people are saying. Then it becomes less important for you to believe because you’re actually only following the thread …

When you have that inner connection to something deeper where you’re following your own insights as opposed to always looking outside for guidance, it’s less important for you to believe because you do believe. You don’t need to make yourself believe, it’s like you’re doing something ’cause it makes sense to you, and it feels right to you.

You don’t need this artificial, “I will believe and achieve,” which can feel really toxic. It’s part of the whole setting these massive toxic goals, and then beating yourself up if you can’t hit them. “What’s wrong with you? You’re not positive enough.

If you’re only like John who believes you’d be having the same results as him,” which is frankly just incorrect. John’s results are John’s results. John’s path is John’s path.

One of the quotes that came to mind for me for this, and I want to talk about what was, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” That’s a very famous Napoleon Hill quote.

I used to read, “Think and Grow Rich,” every morning. I was told by my mentors … I was mentored back in the day, one of my mentors was Randy Gage. He’s one of the big prosperity guru’s in network marketing.

We were taught to every morning, we must read this positive stuff, and we need to really believe it, right? I would live and breathe Napoleon Hill. Now I can just see that believing is good, unless you’re disconnected from reality. I have to say that sometimes I was.

These are nice quotes, but how true is it really? My eyes are open, and I can see now that yes of course if I can conceive of something and believe it, I’ve got more chance of going to achieve it.

It doesn’t mean that it will happen, there’s no guarantee that just because I believe it is going to happen. If that was the case everybody that’s excited about something and really wants to go for it would have success immediately because they believe it.

We’re not going to get all into law of attraction here today, that’s kind of another area that doesn’t … how do we say? Doesn’t look as true to me as it used to.

There’s bits of it I still resonate with, there’s truth, there’s underlying spiritual truth and principles beneath all of these theories. There’s parts of it that I just see are not true anymore for me, or for anybody really.

If your positive thinking is sort of making you feel happy, although maybe not if you’re not really convinced underneath that you’re on the right track.

Actually it can just keep you on this path where you’re pretty deluded. If you’re so busy listening to that outside voice of, “You need to believe, and you’re wrong if you don’t believe. You need to be positive,” then you can really miss out on hearing that whisper, that quieter voice.

Which is just saying to you, “Go here, do this next. Oh, there’s an idea just popped into your head.” You’re so busy in this believing, but something else that you’re attached to a year ago, or when you started that project must work as you planned, that you can totally miss out on the new entrepreneurial ideas and juicy stuff that actually is your insight, it’s perfect for you.

You can believe all you want that you’re going to make a million this year, and you may. I’m certainly open for miracles, I’m not trying to burst your bubble here.

Operate from reality, it’s like believing and being positive, and taking action is all fantastic but it’s not the only thing. It’s like, it can take you completely off on the wrong path, on someone else’s path actually, which is what happened to me for several years before I woke up to that.

If you don’t have for instance, products, programs, or services in place to do a million, then the chances are you’re not going to do a million. It’s okay, a million doesn’t mean that has to always be your goal, or if you don’t make a million you’re not an entrepreneur, or if you don’t make 6 figures, or whatever it is.

It’s like the message for me is be open for miracles, but operate from reality. It’s okay, it’s okay to fail, it’s okay to try again, it’s okay to play with ideas.

Believing can make you stay far too long when you’re attached to something, to an outcome, which actually isn’t the best outcome for you. You just decided it was awhile back, and you’re so persistent because you’ve been told that being persistent is what you need to be, right? “You need to be persistent, and you need to keep going.”

What I’ve learned is it’s not giving up to change track, it’s not giving up to find an easier way for you. Persistence becomes less of a badge of honour when you just start to see that persistence is something that you can bring to the table all the time when you’re feeling aligned with what you’re doing, when you’re feeling that you are intuitively following your own insights, not just following somebody else’s.

I hope that makes sense to you, and by the way we don’t all feel persistent everyday, or feel positive everyday. That’s just a load of old bunkum, and I’m so happy to be able to share that with you.

There’s this kind of myth going on that anybody that is even reasonably successful is constantly positive, constantly living on this high euphoric bubble of everything being perfect.

It’s just not true. To be a little bit controversial, Napoleon Hill actually died broke as far as I know, which is kind of sad. I don’t know all the details, I don’t know, he may have had a tremendous life, and it may have all been worth it for him because he had such a great experience, I don’t know.

I would just say if you’re looking for evidence, unless he didn’t believe, then that’s not really true for everybody in all cases.

We’re looking for truth that is true all the time, not just sometimes. When it’s only true sometimes, and we believe it’s true all the time, that’s where we can create tons of suffering for ourselves.

That’s what I want to help you with, okay? Less suffering, more fun, more ease, and getting your stuff out into the world in a perfect way for you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this. Pop on my list to get my free transformational fearless class, if you haven’t listened to that yet.

Also we have a new Fearless Transformation Club, which I’m super excited about. The club is a really low monthly investment for you to have a sacred space where you can grow in this fearless understanding, and master your mind in a way that isn’t toxic but is kind of really helping you to get the most out of your own potential.

If you’ve got any questions about that, message me at We’ll be happy to help. Have a great day, speak to you soon. Bye, bye.

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