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Private, Bespoke Fearless Coaching For Effortless Transformation

Signature Half-Day Virtual VIP Intensive

"Free And Fearless"

Fearless Transformation Coaching is a powerful conversation that facilitates your own unique insights and brilliance.

This is the way to coach with me without a long term commitment. We will focus on a specific area of your life, career or business where you urgently want some clarity and fresh thinking ...

The intensive is designed to effortlessly immerse you in the fearless understanding so you can quickly see exactly where you're getting in your own way and how to effortlessly access ease and flow.

This is a standalone package or you'll have the option to upgrade to a 6 month package later if we both love the experience and want to continue to work together.

This is perfect for you if you see yourself in any or all of the following:

  • You're a high achieving leader, entrepreneur or other professional and you're ready to access your true potential without working even harder because you're close to burn out as it is.
  • You're feeling stuck, overwhelmed and fearful about a specific situation or your life in general (You're a little embarrassed to admit you've got anxious thoughts spinning around your mind - you wonder, 'shouldn't I have it all together by now?' )
  • You suspect that your fear of not being good enough stops you from being as visible, confident and happy as you think you could be.
  • You've invested in your qualifications and skills in a big way. Now you're ready to invest in deep TRANSFORMATION (What would you do if you weren't so afraid of failing?)

If you want to experience deep personal and/or professional transformation in the most effortless way I invite you to explore working with me.

To discuss your specific needs after reviewing the options, send me a message by clicking HERE

The Half-Day VIP Intensive is also available in the following special editions where we dive deeply into a specific area of your choice such as:

Free And Fearless Visibility

Together we'll uncover what's really holding you back from showing up powerfully and being seen as the real you.

If you want to create more fulfilling relationships, have more impact and bring your uniqueness into all you do without having to work hard on yourself then this is perfect for you.

Free And Fearless Money

Together we'll explore your money story so that any toxic beliefs dissolve on the deepest level of truth and your fears about money no longer keep you hostage and hold you back from living the life you desire.

From this space your relationship with money transforms and becomes a lot more lighthearted, fun and fulfilling.

Free And Fearless Creativity

Together we'll explore the true nature of fearless creative flow and I'll guide you to access your infinite creative potential effortlessly and naturally.

Whether you want to finally write or finish your book, create something brand new, grow or launch a new business or project then this is perfect for you.

Free And Fearless From Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, like I did for 30 years, this is the intensive for you. Together we'll gently unravel your fearful misunderstanding of exactly what's causing your anxiety to uncover the truth about where your experience really comes from.

This reveals your innate mental health (we all have it) and opens up a beautiful space that effortlessly dissolves your darkest fears.

The fearless work is underpinned by the 3 Principles of Transformative Coaching and you may be relieved to hear, does not involve any type of digging or delving into your painful past as that isn't transformational.


6 Month VIP Programmes "Fearless Transformation Coaching - The Fearless You."

Choose from Foundation Or Business Class Programme Editions

These are my signature suite of VIP programmes especially designed for heart-centred entrepreneurs, coaches and other high achievers in business or leadership roles who are sick and tired of working harder and trying to fix themselves!

Fearless Transformation Coaching is a powerful conversation that facilitates your own unique insights and brilliance from a _DSC1246jpegspace of flow and fresh thinking.

If you're ready to move beyond the 'one size fits all,' and endless personal development that gives you only quick fixes, so you can instead access your own infinite potential then this could be what you've been seeking. (That's how I stumbled upon it!)

The solutions we explore together will be perfectly tailored for you to experience your own unique fearless transformation.

We will focus on topics of your choice where you feel stuck, blocked, fearful, or overwhelmed within the areas of business, career, personal life or a combination.

There are no limits!

In this sacred space I'll support you in your transformation as you shift.

These are one of a kind, private coaching programmes with me (via Skype) and include my new 'Free And Fearless' Virtual VIP Intensive plus other fearless materials.

These programmes are by invitation only. To get more details, explore which would be best for you and whether we're a good fit to work together go ahead and send me a message by clicking here: Contact Me

Please include a note that you're interested in exploring your Fearless Transformation Coaching options and which programme you're interested in and we'll arrange a time to chat.

All programmes are delivered via live calls on Skype and online classes to listen at your leisure so all you'll need is a computer, headset, internet connection and an open mind 🙂  You don't even need to travel or dress up! If you've never used Skype before then you're in for a treat because it's super easy and we'll show you how to use it.

To discuss how I can help you or if you're not sure which option is right for you please send me a message with any questions or to arrange a time to talk, by clicking: HERE