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Hello, this is Rachel bringing you the next episode in the new Superpower series. So, last week we talked about the superpower of letting go and the next logical piece for me is about allowing. So, the superpower of allowing is what we’re talking about today. Allowing is an interesting superpower because we can let go or give up all we want, but if we don’t allow things to unfold, then we stop the flow of whatever wants to happen. I see allowing as being at peace with what wants to happen. It seems to me a little bit like … You know when you’re working, working, working, and you’re really going for it and you’ve got all these things going on and you’re trying to make stuff happen and suddenly something happens to just slow you down and it might be, like for me today, I’ve got a stinking cold. I’ve been away to California for some transformative coaching work and I had jet lag when I came back and I soldiered on for a bit and then yesterday night I just got this awful cold.


Stuff happens that we don’t have anything control over and when we are just in this space of allowing, it’s being okay with it. I’m recording anyway, even though I don’t feel great. I’m allowing my experience just to be what it is and it’s okay. I’m at peace with the fact that I’m human and I don’t always have to feel great, and I can just do what I do today anyway. So, allowing is not stopping the flow of things and it can be like when someone offers to help you and you might usually just sort of say, “No, thanks,” because you automatically do everything yourself or you don’t want to bother them or you’ve got all kinds of ideas about what it means if you say yes. But if you’re in a space of allowing, then be open to that. If someone offers to help, what might happen if you accept their help? How about if you don’t shut people down? Like I noticed I do this sometimes. I’ve got an idea of what I’m doing. I’m a fast action taker and sometimes I’m just not open to hearing what other people want to tell me.


I’ve noticed that asking a question about someone wants to say can really lead you to some interesting places, because they’re actually talking about something completely different than you thought, usually. So, how would it be if you were in this lovely space of allowing and you didn’t shut people down today? You weren’t too busy. You weren’t in a rush. You actually could just hear what they have to say. And another interesting way of allowing more is hanging out in the unknown. This is what my mentor in this understanding, Michael Neill, talks about a lot. And I love this. This idea of hanging out in the unknown and it just means that you really don’t know what’s gonna happen and what if you’re okay with that? What if you just let stuff happen? You don’t try so hard to control it all. You just don’t control it all. You don’t think you’re even control. You just let it come through and see what unfurls for you from this lovely space of the unknown because that’s where beautiful stuff comes through for you that you can’t even imagine right now.


What might you allow to come through for you? To serve you, to help you with your project, with your business, with your work, with your … whatever it is you’re trying to do. What wants to come through and help you? What might you say yes to that you might not usually say yes to? I was reading the Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes recently and for all it’s similar to Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway where you say yes to everything and break through and feel the fear and know you’re okay, or whatever, but keep on having to break through as if fear is a real solid thing. I still love the book because there’s parts of it that were really, really inspiring where she just says yes to stuff that she was just too terrified to say yes to before. Or that she just never even contemplated saying yes before. So, it’s a little bit like being in the unknown. What might it be like to say yes to something that usually you wouldn’t say yes to?


And then, on the flip side of that, what would it be like to say no to some stuff? And, again, it’s not a strategy where I’m saying, “Say yes to everything. Say no to everything.” That’s not what I’m pointing to at all. This is why I love this work because it’s so fluid and available in the moment to what shows up. So, you might say no to something today. You might say yes to something tomorrow. You might say yes and no within the space of 10 minutes. You may change your mind. It’s all good. But just being open to what if you say now when you actually feel in your gut that you want to say no and usually you might not. And what if you say yes? Because, what the hell, why not? Try something new. It might be way better than you ever could’ve imagined and this is a lovely space to live in. This space of allowing.


So, I’d like to just invite you to allow yourself to be with whatever shows up for you today and consciously watch yourself allowing stuff to happen. Trying to shut things down that want to happen before they’d even had a change to unfold for you. And see what you see in that. There’s lots of different ways to work with me, whether it’s on your business or on your personal life, something that you’d really like to see a big transformation in. You can find details of my programmes at and there’s way to contact me there and let me know a little bit more about you and we can have a conversation about whether we might be a good fit to work together. And next week there’ll be another superpower episode for you. So, until then, have fun and hang out in the unknown and see what you can allow to come through for you. Buh-bye.


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