Thanks for your interest in having a complimentary Fearless Transformation Conversation with me. (Value £300/ approx $500)

You’ll step into a sacred space where we can playfully explore together the transformation you desire and I'll guide you to fearlessly open a new window of possibility so that your next simple step can reveal itself to you no matter how stuck or blocked you feel right now.

We can explore whatever you want together - here are a few examples of popular topics:

  • where you feel you're not fulfilling your potential
  • fears that keep you stuck or spinning
  • you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or even burned out
  • relationship issues stopping you moving forward
  • creative project (your new book, course, programme ... or something personal)
  • money
  • premium pricing and packages
  • Feeling guilty (you think you must have fear of success, failure or both)
  • Feeling not good enough (a fear of being judged and feeling like a fraud)

Please take a few moments to answer the following questions about you and the area you desire to transform. This will be treated as confidential so please share as much detail as possible.

Not all applications will be gifted a complimentary transformation conversation as there are a limited number available but I'll do my best to serve you with another resource if that's the case.

I will personally review your application and will be in touch to schedule shortly.