Crazy, Sexy Diet & Niche Expert Bootcamp

Happy Happy ezine Wednesday! (This is a small sample from my Marketing & Mindset ezine)

How are you doing? The sun’s flying high here in the UK and I’ve had some lovely sessions working ‘on’ my
business sitting in the garden.

What an amazing way to live. If you’ve been with me for a while you’ll know that I tend to go ‘full on’ with things
and when I love something I tell everyone!  This week I’ve immersed myself in Kris Carr’s Crazy sexy diet book. Wow! I’ve been working in the wellness industry for 8 years now so I’m aware of a lot of what she says in the book but you know how easy it is to conveniently ‘forget’ so you can go on eating & drinking what you love.

Anyway I’m making a new commitment to eat ‘clean,’ so if that sounds like something you’re up for get yourself a
copy from Amazon. I’m reading it with my teenagers – what an important mission to help them see past all of the food propaganda and know how to make better choices.

Thanks for all the love on the facebook biz page training from last week. More coming. I must have struck a chord and I know you love video and audio. (If you’re a speed reader like me don’t worry I shall continue to cater to you too.)

I’m in the process of creating ‘The Niche Expert Bootcamp’ which will be available soon. When exactly
depends how I knuckle down despite the sunshine temptations …

Look out for an email from me soon because I may just open it up for a limited number.  It will
be at an extremely yummy price for my subscribers as I want to collect more testimonials and repay my loyal readers.

So if you love the Niche Expert concept, want to get more clients, customers & publicity for your biz using
online systems, need a structured course that delivers the modules to you in bite sized chunks you’re going to love this.
It’s a complete step by step course with audio, transcripts, action guides and bonus resources.

I’ll be giving you what you NEED to take action. Not a load of stuff that will overwhelm you so if you’re ready for
a programme that will take you through setting up your niche expert business online (whether you have one now or not) this is especially for you. Summer action is cool. Why? Because it sets you up to reap your harvest in the autumn and of course you’ll have everything in place to make 2012 your best year ever.

When you’re using the internet to collect names, build your list and market your services, there are MANY things you need to have in place for a profitable marketing funnel. The bootcamp will show you exactly what they are in a simple way. I’m all about simple. People think I must be a techie but to be honest the internet tools do it all.

If you don’t have your niche expert topic for marketing on the internet pinned down watch this
short video where I take you through the 3 magic questions: What’s Your Niche Expert Topic?

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