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Hello, this is Rachel bringing you the latest Transformation Conversation Podcast.

And today we are looking at the creative edge in business. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and one of the things that I’ve been noticing more and more is how crazy it’s got online – how competitive it is, and how much noise there is online. I was looking just yesterday – some people were talking about running Facebook Ads, and all of this strategy and the gimmicks and the how to ‘game’ Facebook, if you like, was just so complex and not appealing to me at all, I have to say. But this online madness isn’t a new thing. When I wrote The Freedom Solution a couple of years ago I really did my best to simplify the whole online space for people who have real businesses, that want to deliver real services, as opposed to just have lots of flashy stuff online and try and make £1 million with one course, when they haven’t actually worked with real clients or don’t have any real experience. And this was brought home to me again yesterday when I was listening to a podcast by Ali Brown, who is one of the few marketing gurus that I still listen to, to be honest. I don’t listen to many anymore because I have found a much calmer, more inspirational way of building business, which doesn’t involve having to listen to what everybody else says all the time about what you should be doing, how you should be doing it, and trying to keep pace with all of these gimmicky-type things.

So, she was talking about the online insanity, I think she called it, and as I say it’s not new to me. I’ve been building business online since 2007, and a lot of what she said really resonated, and I think the big thing that came through to me as is always the way when you have an insight or when you see something more insightfully, was nothing really to do with what she said, but it was to do with where your creative edge comes from, and this is something I’ve been working with clients on and in my Fearless Transformation Club a lot lately. Because when you see that your edge doesn’t come from being the best at copying other peoples’ strategies, you can settle into being your best as you. Because what gives you the edge is your originality, which you only get by being you. Again, this isn’t a new message. I have been saying this for years, but now I can see it more deeply about how you can actually access or be in this creative flow more, so you do have your very own creative edge at your fingertips all of the time. This is where fresh ideas come from. This is where, as they like to say, thinking out of the box comes from. It doesn’t come from being a copycat. Copycats never have the edge. They just copy the latest gimmick with no real grounding or experience in the topic. And I don’t mean that you shouldn’t learn good skills about how to do stuff – that’s something completely different – but thinking that you need to be up on all of the latest gimmicks and strategies that 5,000 people are teaching online, or however many, is just impossible and will never give you the edge.

So, you already have the edge by being you. That’s what I want to get across to you today.

And how do you be more of you, so you can connect with your own originality and have this wonderful flow of fresh new ideas that comes from inside? It comes from the creative intelligence. That’s where fresh ideas come from. You are connected to it all of the time and these wonderful insights are available to you, and they pop into your mind, you know, when you are having a shower; when you’re out walking the dog; when you’re least expecting them. This is where these life-changing and business building wonderful new ideas for your next book, for your next course, for your coaching programme, for how to grow out your business, how to scale your business, how to simplify your business … how to do all of these wonderful things that we tend to be looking outside for, for other people to give us all the answers. And, yeah, there’s some answers outside. You can get some great strategy, as I’ve said. But we tend to too quickly look outside. So, what I’m pointing you to is for you to see that you already have the edge, you are the edge by being you, and when you get more aligned with your own creative flow and your own inspiration, you get these ideas that you can immediately apply in your business. You know, yesterday I just let my mind settle a bit; I gave myself some time to reflect and some new stuff came through for me and I didn’t have to make any big decisions, but it was just really clear to me what I am going to do next. And I’d already implemented it by the end of the day, because that’s how easy it can be when you’re not trying to copy everybody else’s stuff. You are attuned, you are aligned with your own intuition. This is one of the things I talk about in the Club, about having your own superpowers and being aligned with them so that you can follow your own intuition and act on these beautiful ideas that come to you.

So, by knowing more deeply how your mind works, and seeing that your fresh ideas don’t come from the busy space of looking at what everyone else is doing all of the time, you start to appreciate that you have your own power supply to fresh ideas, and you don’t need everybody else’s.

So, I hope that’s a new way of looking at things for you today. If you are someone who is feeling a little bit overwhelmed with all of the marketing strategies and online latest ‘must have’ tools, and must build out this and that before you can even have a client, before you can build the business you actually want to build then take heart, because it doesn’t have to be that complicated at all. You have the ideas that are right for you and you just need to know a little bit more about how your mind works and start looking in that direction. And that’s what all of my work does, so there’s podcasts available for you at, all pointing you in this direction, and there’s a great resource for you if you want to go deeper with me, at, and that’s where we have the Fearless Transformation Club where I’m helping you to fear less and achieve more. And in the Club, I guide you to intuitively align with your own creative flow so that you have the creative edge in your business, and life.

It’s been wonderful sharing this with you today; get in touch and let me know what you think and I’ll be bringing another podcast to you very soon.

Thank you.

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