Do You but Grow Your Company Too!

This week’s challenge is all about ‘doing you’ in your business and with your online presence BUT growing your company too.

Whether you’re a micro or solo operation and blissfully happy with that OR you’re looking to grow a big team this concept of ‘doing you’ is just as essential. 

You have to allow your personality to shine through in your business if you want to connect authentically with your ‘perfect who.’ (Target audience)

If you don’t inject your personality – you risk being just a general low cost commodity not a priceless and unique expert solution.

You don’t want that do you?  No … I know you don’t.

So how can you ‘do you’ & shine but still be professional and grow your company?

Here are my top 3 tips you can put in place this week:

  • Create your company mission statement & revisit it often to remind yourself of your core values and ultimate goal in business. (Why & how do you serve your customers or clients) This doesn’t need to be ‘war and peace,’ – just a simple one page or few sentences outlining what you’re doing and why.

  •  Create your ‘magnetic expert brand,’ – I talk about this a lot in The Niche Expert book but basically you need to decide what you (and your company) want to be known for and the easiest way to do this is to create a little profile for yourself to refer back to and develop as you go along. How will people remember you & your program or service?   What are you willing to share online that will make you memorable so you’re a real person that others can refer business to?  Mixing a little pleasure with business in social media is a must and this is the way to communicate the authentic you & position yourself and your company as the expert solution, without salesy and yucky speak!


  • Create your signature program or service.  This will be your flagship product, service or program that your company (or just little ole you) offer.  This is how you make money & is the fastest way to become memorable and to position you and your company as the expert immediately.  Remember my shocking secret?  You can simply decide to be the expert – you don’t need permission from anyone other than yourself!  All you need to do is commit to be the best you can be, to develop your skills as you serve your clients or customers in the best way you can each day.

Ok that’s this week’s challenge.  Please do these 3 simple things and you’ll gain improved clarity in this crazy online world I promise!

Even if it’s just you and the cat, start to think of yourself as a company & how you can increase your revenue by offering more cool stuff. (Feels good right?)

If you’d like to share your wisdom please go ahead in the comments below and if you’d like to share these tips with your friends please do so on the social media buttons below.

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