Hi Gorgeous

If you’re considering coaching with me here’s what I’d love you to know, and some answers to questions you may have.

  • Who do you work with?

    I love to work with conscious entrepreneurs and leaders who are ready to invest in their own happiness and success rather than looking for the next magic bullet. They are tired of getting in their own way, feel that they must be missing something and yearn to experience a more grounded and relaxed way of creating an impact in the world.

  • What’s your job as my Fearless Transformation Coach?

    My job is to create a sacred space for you so you can reconnect with reality, and experience your own life changing insights and access your highest potential. Many of us are living in a state of illusion and act as if life is happening to us rather than coming through us. This causes a lot of suffering and and stops us playing full out and fearlessly.

  • Do I need to be spiritual, religious or ’woo woo’ to benefit from this work?

    No. The work we will do together is based on the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought and is about seeing for yourself how humans really operate as well as the inside-out nature of life. An open mind and curiosity for a better experience of life and/ or business is all that’s required.

  • What does the 'inside-out nature of life' mean?

    It’s about how we experience life and how we think that our happiness and success come from external circumstances when our experience is only ever created from inside because we live in the feeling of our thinking.
    Here’s a video about it if you’d like to know more:

  • What benefits can I expect from working with you?

    We’re all unique and experience transformation in different ways but these are some of the ways that my clients, myself and others in this conversation experience:

  • A shifting of the foundations in how you show up and experience life. For many it’s a huge paradigm shift.
  • A sense of greater possibility for yourself and others
  • A ‘letting go’ of holding on to the controls so tightly
  • A deeper understanding of reality and how humans really operate
  • The dissolving of toxic thoughts patterns or habitual thinking that keeps you stuck and fearful
  • A beautiful feeling of connection to your own inner guidance or innate wisdom
  • A greater trusting of yourself and a knowing of what to do or say next
  • Potentially thousands of hours of your life saved by not feeling the need to do endless personal development, preparing, planning and working on yourself so you can be perfect!
  • More compassion for yourself and others which naturally transforms your relationships
  • A new fearless way of showing up that is a game changer in everything you do
  • Gentle and/or huge insights that are perfect for your own journey
  • A dropping of the compulsion to copy or model others and in so doing a growing authenticity and originality which is priceless
  • Less worrying, stressing and anxiety about the future and more enjoying your life now
  • Better decision making because you can see reality more clearly
  • Less hard work, perfectionism and/or procrastination
  • Increased creativity and flow
  • Permission to be human and the freedom to play full out and fearlessly
  • A feeling of more safety and security that doesn’t come from your bank balance as many of us have been led to believe!
  • No big to-do-lists after our sessions. Transformation occurs naturally through the insights you experience when you enter this transformation conversation.
  • No regurgitated success platitudes and copy cat marketing or business strategies
  • Experience your own unique fearless journey which is not about ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’ but about naturally watching your fears dissolve as you see more about your true nature and the wonder of life
  • Access to the cutting edge understanding and future of human psychology called The 3 Principles

To find out more about working with me please review the Fearless Transformation Coaching page and then send me a message with any questions, or request an informal chat by clicking here

As a guide my Fearless Transformation Coaching ranges from a mid-high 4 figure investment in YOU for a 6 month programme, depending on your currency and programme choice which we can discuss when we chat.