Here’s what today’s new Transformation Conversation, “How To Overcome The Fear Of Being Visible In Your Business” covers:

  • How to tap into abundant, free marketing opportunities
  • How to get out of your own way in business so you can ‘get out there.’
  • The truth about your visibility fears (what you’re REALLY scared of)
  • Finding your marketing sweetspot so content creation is easy (being the expert of you)


Resources for this episode:

The Fearless Transformation Club

Magnetic Branding System


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Podcast Transcript

Hi, this is Rachel Henke bringing you the Transformation Conversation. I’m really excited today because finally the artwork on our iTunes podcast has been updated. We’ve had so many techie issues with it that finally I found an expert who actually specializes in RSS feeds and podcasts and just had him sort it, and it was sorted within about half an hour. That really is the power of getting help from the right people.

Today’s Transformation Conversation is about how to overcome the fear of being visible in your business, and it’s a fear that I see again and again. I have it. Sometimes I experience it myself, and I just see how in this modern world of marketing, it’s so key to overcome this or to see this for what it is and be able to work with it, because otherwise you can’t get seen. You can’t enjoy all of the wonderful opportunities available to you in this modern world of online world really, where there are so many things you can do that are actually free to market your business, but because you’re fearful of being visible, you’re getting in your own way.

If you’ve been following these conversations for a while, you’ll know that the getting in your own way is a theme that runs through them, because that’s all there is, right? That’s what I see over and over. That’s really all there is. We just keep getting in our own way. That’s the only thing that’s stopping us from creating whatever it is we went to create in the world, in business, in our career, in our life. At least having a go at what we want to create, right? If you’re fearful of being visible, which I know many of my clients share with me is their number 1 fear, I hope that this today is going to give you some relief.

The weird thing about the visibility fear is that in one way you may be fearful of being visible, but you know you need to be visible, especially in business, and to be honest, even as a leader in your job, I mean, you need to be able to get your ideas out there and be visible and stand up in those meetings and whatever it is for you or whatever it is that you’re passionate about. Even if it’s a project that you’re doing, it’s like, if you won’t raise your hand, if you won’t stand up and be heard, then how can you make a difference? People just won’t hear you. It’s a huge lesson.

The other part to that is that you may secretly yearn to be more visible, but you just stop yourself with your fearful thinking. That’s why I can really help you with this. That’s why I’m seeing so much more than I saw before in terms of pushing through the fear, dealing with the fear, or just getting really good at marketing, right? Of course there’s an element of strategy and how-to in the marketing pieces, but today, the tools for being visible are so intuitive, they’re so simple, they’re so easy to use that it’s generally not that that’s getting in your way. It’s yourself. It’s your own fearful thinking. It’s like, I know with me, sometimes it looks really simple, and sometimes it looks really hard work. I don’t want to be visible. I feel a little bit introverted. I don’t feel like making a video. I don’t feel like getting out there, whatever that means.

With the fearless work, like from the fearless space, I’m finding it much more joyful to be visible, because I’m now coming from a place that is just so transparent and honest that I don’t need to become someone else to do my stuff. I always tried to be as authentic as possible and share what I really saw, but now I feel like I’m able to really share something deeper for you that can not only have you see what I’m pointing to in terms of marketing and business, and “Yeah, you must do it.” Like, “Get out there and be visible.” Now I feel I can really help you see underneath that, uncover what’s really stopping you from being more visible, and that’s what today is about.

It’s like when you’ve got these fearful thoughts. It might be, “Oh what will people think of me? What if I’m not perfect in my delivery? What if I’m speaking on a video or doing a podcast or something or I’m being interviewed? What if I stumble and forget my wording? What if no one watches, right? What if I make a video and put it out there, nobody watches? How embarrassing is that going to be?”

This is the stuff that you might be thinking, right? I’ve certainly been there. What if no one listens? What if you create a podcast and nobody listens or nobody downloads your giveaway or only a few people read your stuff? What if you write a whole book and don’t get a publisher? When you have those kinds of scary-looking thoughts whizzing through your head? It’s no wonder that you don’t want to be visible, right? It’s no wonder you can’t be bothered to create some content and put it out there.

I heard someone say recently, I can’t even think now exactly what it was about, but it’s the same thing for this. It’s like if I had that thinking, if I had those thoughts, I wouldn’t be creating this podcast. I wouldn’t make videos. I wouldn’t write books, because it would just feel too scary. Now that I can see deeper into the understanding of how human psychology really works, how we really operate and how we think about things and how it gets in our own way, I can create more content and I can be more visible, and I can have a lot less thinking about the stuff I’m creating, whereas before I used to create it and if I was in a good mood, it would be cool, and if I was in a bad mood, it would be hard. I can see that the areas where things really flowed for me like with books, that was because I was just following my own feeling, I was following my own inspiration. I wasn’t doing what everyone else says I should do.

Okay, a lot of people do say, “You should have a book,” but I didn’t do it because of that. I wrote books and I write books, and I will continue to write books, because I just love it. I love the idea of sharing the written word with people and that they can just download it on their Kindle or buy it online or buy it in a bookstore somewhere and just discover what you’ve got to share. It can shift them. It can help them in some way. It can touch them even if they never meet you. I’m so passionate about that. I can see clearly how in that area for me, it’s always been fairly easy, but then in other things, I find it hard. It’s been hard for me to think about doing big launches and things like that. It doesn’t really speak to me. I’ve done launches and I’ve done what I need to do to market my business, but it’s not been that lovely flow.

I can see very clearly now why. It’s just simply that I let myself have a lot of fearful thinking about certain areas. It’s not accurate. It’s just my version of reality. It’s just my personal thinking about what people are thinking; what might happen in the future or what if, what if, what if, rather than following that inspiration of, “What could be a really cool and exciting way to promote my new course or program or book?” or whatever it is you want to promote. When you follow that, I’ve seen that in the last 6 months with my new Fearless Transformation course and my club and my programmes, I can see that when I follow that inspiration, it’s much easier. It’s so much easier to market. It’s not hard work. It’s really on inspiration.

Recently I did a podcast, I think it was last week, on how to be … I don’t know, a couple of weeks ago, how to be the expert of you. You can find that at the blog or if you’re at the blog, there will be a link for you to listen to that one if you missed it. That’s what I mean about following the inspiration. Following that whisper, following what feels good to you when you let all that chatter, all that nonsense going on in your head about what everyone says and thinks, and what is going to be the right way for you, because only you know.

That’s what I wanted to point you to today, and it’s really just in the hope that you can start to see beyond the, “Oh, I haven’t got the strategy. I haven’t got this. I haven’t got that,” whatever it is, because you can get that, right? If it’s strategy for creating your online presence, you can get that. I mean, I’ve got a course that goes step by step through that. You can get more information and get a free class on that at It’s not the how-to that’s not there. It’s not the strategy that’s not there. It’s the space you come to it from.

When you come to it with a clearer mind and you’re able to take what speaks to you as opposed to try and force yourself to market in a way that doesn’t fit you, that’s when everything gets easier. That’s when you can create, whether it’s videos, podcasts, blogs, books, free classes at your website. You might get out and speak more; networking. It doesn’t matter what it is, but when you’re able to move through that space of all that fearful thinking and see it for what it is, a lot of made up story, then you can be so much more visible and powerful, and reach those people that you want to reach with your message.

I hope that’s been helpful for you today. I’d love to hear from you. You can reach out to me through my website at There’s a free Fearless Class for you there if you haven’t listened to that yet. I’d also like to let you know about my new Fearless Transformation Club. We have a topic every month where we have a live class and you can get coaching and ask questions, and we also have a lovely group on Facebook and various fun stuff that we’re doing together as we take this fearless journey.

You can find you more about that at, and our new class that will be coming up is about marketing with integrity. It’s especially for heart-centered entrepreneurs, leaders and people that want to make a difference and are finding marketing is getting in their way as opposed to helping them. You can find out more about that at my website, as I say,  If you got any questions, just be in touch, and I’d love to hear from you soon. Bye for now.


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