If you've been resonating with what I've been sharing in my videos, blog, podcast, books or programmes, this is your special invitation to go deeper in the transformation conversation with me and other heart-centred high-achievers on the fearless journey.

Each month we'll shine a light on specific topics to help you to master your mind and enjoy the most impact in your business and life.

If you want FRESH in the moment insights from me and others on the fearless journey, rather than rehearsed step-by-step content then this is for you.

Better still, if you want to experience your own mind blowing insights then this is the space to step into to effortlessly receive your own creative and inspirational 'downloads.'

If you're sick and tired of 'working harder' and waiting for things to be perfect 'one day' so you can find your freedom then you're in the right place.

Do any or all of the following sound true to you?

  • You're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or even burned out (there's no shame in that as it turns out more and more entrepreneurs and high achievers are feeling that way in this new 24/7 world that never sleeps)
  • You're grateful for your life and business but you're looking to live in your 'happy place' more of the time and want to feel more connected to your creativity and potential
  • You know you're getting in your own way but can't quite work out what you're missing and what to do about it ...
  • You're totally fed up of 'doing' endless personal development, modelling gurus and trying to fix yourself!
  • You're playing small (you have big inspired dreams but feel frustrated and trapped in the same old toxic thought patterns)
  • You're up and down like a yo yo (the entrepreneurial rollercoaster is driving you insane and sometimes you secretly wonder if you're 'good enough')
  • You want to grow your business, make money and be more visible without using pushy, yucky marketing strategies that feel all wrong to you
  • You're ready to experience more creative flow in your work rather than feeling stuck and blocked

The good news, dear one, is that you're not broken!

You may just be suffering, as I was, from a simple misunderstanding of how humans and life really work.

After years of personal development, fixing and working on yourself according to other people's theories, it's a common mistake to make.

The Fearless Transformation Club is a sacred space for you to experience your own fresh thinking and insights. It turns out these are far more powerful than any step by step formula I could dream up for you...

Your own insights are perfectly created for YOU and your business and this is the ancient but little known secret to tapping into your own genius zone so you can transform fearlessly without struggle and willpower.

If you're ready to clear the bugs in your human operating system (HOPS) as I like to call it, and want to learn how to operate your own 'software' so you can reach your full potential with ease then this is especially for you.

If you're ready for more awareness and to deepen your understanding of living and working from the fearless space then I invite you to join us.


Here are some of the transformations people experience when they enter this fearless conversation:     


  • Access your creative flow with fresh ideas and insights 'popping' in to your mind
  • Make better business decisions without the fear and stress of getting it wrong
  • Feel confident to trust your own intuition or inner wisdom
  • Begin releasing control and joyfully allow your own soulful path to unfold instead
  • Feel more resilient and better equipped to cope with the rollercoaster of life and business
  • Discover your next breakthrough business and money making ideas
  • A joyful and playful attitude to business and life which naturally produces better results
  • A calmer experience of work and life challenges that would usually be very stressful for you
  • Feel connected to something bigger - call it universal mind, source or even the G word if that resonates with you!
  • Feel more powerful, inspired and open to miracles
  • Effortlessly dissolve procrastination and perfectionism so you can get out of your own way
  • Be the leader and expert on your own life and business instead of looking outside for the answers

"I suddenly realised that I've done more in the last 2 weeks from this fearless space of letting things unfold than I've done in a whole year of trying to make it happen. So exciting! Thanks Rachel."

- Elise Potter, Coach

When You Join Us You'll Get:

  • NEW Monthly Recorded Fearless Classes (Approx 60 mins)
  • Membership Centre With Recordings Of Classes (to suit all time zones and busy schedules)
  • Recommended Book Of The Month (book & discussion to help with your transformation)
  • SPECIAL BONUS - 1 Fearless Transformation PRIVATE Coaching Call with Rachel (Value £500/ Approx $600) - You'll be eligible for this exclusive bonus after 3 months in the club so you've had a chance to deepen your fearless understanding.
  • BONUS: Access To Private Fearless Facebook Group To Share Insights & Ask Questions Online Or On Facebook Live
  • BONUS: Fearless Business Shift Class (Instant Access To 50 minute audio so you can begin your transformation when you want)
  • BONUS: Founding Member Locked In Special Low Membership Price (it won't be raised for you when the investment goes up next week)

Fearless Monthly Topics

    • In Content Bank: The Money Stuff, Icky Free Sales, Marketing With Heart + Integrity, Fearless Inspirational Planning, Productivity & True Freedom, Discovering Your Self Worth (Instant Access)
    • March Class: Follow Your Fearless Flowing Path: Trust Your Intuition & End The Struggle (Instantly Available)
    • April Class: Living Fearlessly With Or Without A Full Diary (Available 5th April)
    • New 2017 Topics To Be Published Soon

    Please Note: Topics and order may change according to your needs. 2017 topics to be advised.

    Join The Fearless Transformation Club For Just £39 Per Month (Approx $48)


    I've created this club for those who want to begin or to continue the Fearless journey and have ongoing access to me in the transformation conversation in the simplest way possible.

    It's a low monthly investment in you and your most valuable device: your mind (!) and you can stay as long as you want and there's no contract. For other common questions please see the Q&A section below.

    If you have any other questions not answered or you'd like to discuss the best option for working with me please email info@Rachelhenke.com or send us a message in the contact form below.


    • Q.I don't have much time. Will I need to do loads of extra work to get the most out of the club?

      A.The very simple answer is NO!

      Transformation through the Fearless conversation works by you listening to the monthly calls (recorded) and experiencing your own insights. There may be something that occurs to you to do … or not.  You probably already have a lot of stuff to do but you may find that a lot of it drops away when you see how humans are designed to access their highest potential with ease.

      In my experience so far as a result of this conversation it becomes a lot easier to take action when you don’t have a lot of conflicting ideas, emotions and fearful thoughts getting in the way.

    • Q.Is the club different from your new Fearless: A Course In Personal Transformation?

      A.Yes. The course is a 4 week online intensive course that you do at your own pace. It can be taken alone or in addition to the monthly Fearless Transformation Club Classes, to deepen your understanding of your human operating system. (What I call HOPS)

      Whilst the monthly club classes have a business, career or mindset topic specific focus to support and inspire you to get your ideas out into the world of ‘form’, the course gives you a strong foundation in the principles that Fearless is based on and is designed to help you to feel more grounded and free.

    • Q.Who is this new club for?

      A.The club is designed for entrepreneurs, business owners and other high achievers who want to get out of their own way and have more impact in their work and life.

      It’s for you if you’re fed up of working harder and harder on you and your business only to keep getting stuck in the same old toxic thought patterns and mental blocks.

      You want a new, powerful way of showing up in the world that allows you to be yourself and share your gifts without struggle.  You already have everything that you need to be the expert and leader of your own life and I’m simply helping you to reconnect with your own brilliance.

    • Q.How do I access the calls?

      A.You’ll get access to a brand new Fearless Class each month. There’s no need to have your hair done or worry about looking your best for live calls!
      I encourage you to share insights and ask questions in our private Facebook group before and after each class to get the most out of the club.
      You’ll also gain instant access to the Fearless Business Shift bonus audio and all of the previous classes, in your Club centre.

    • Q.How do I cancel?

      A.If you do want to cancel at any time, you can do so with just a few clicks. There’s no contract and we don’t take prisoners. 🙂 Of course I hope you’ll love the journey. I’ll do my best to make it a wonderful experience for you.

    • Q.I'm not in the UK. How do I pay in British Pounds?

      A.When you click to join you’ll see the price in pounds sterling but you can pay in your currency as Paypal will sort that out for you instantly.

      Due to ‘Brexit,’ the pound is the weakest it’s been in years so you’ll make a good saving there.