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It’s been a while since I took the Wealth Dynamics personality test so I thought I’d revisit it and share it with you.

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Before I took this test I was very confused about what my gifts really meant in terms of starting an online business.

Prior to the test I was a classic shadow artist, too repressed to share my gifts fully and I felt very frustrated. (I know this because of a gorgeous little book I bought in Jerusalem many years ago called The Artist’s Way.

Taking the Wealth Dynamics test helps you to understand where to focus your time and energy so you can tap into flow and be happier in your life and work.

Once the results were in I began to give myself permission to write my own books and create my own products instead of relying on someone else’s system to create my wealth. As a creator this is how I’ve been able to tap into flow & gain greater confidence.

What are your strengths and gifts?

*Here’s a quick overview of the eight ways to create wealth as outlined in the Wealth Dynamics System:

1. The Creator – Builds innovative products
Examples: Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Richard Branson

2. The Star – Builds an influential brand
Examples: Oprah, Paul Newman, Bill Clinton

3. The Supporter – Builds high performance teams
Examples: Steve Ballmer, Jack Welch

4. The Deal Maker – Brings deals together
Examples: Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch

5. The Trader – Buying and selling commodities
Examples: George Soros

6. The Accumulator – Buying and holding assets
Examples: Warren Buffet, Paul Allen

7. The Lord – Controlling cashflow producing assets
Examples: Lakshmi Mital, Ingavar Kamprad

8. The Mechanic – Creating a duplicatable system
Examples: Michael Dell, Ray Krock

This is taken from the website. To get all the details and take your unique profile test go here: Wealth Dynamics


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