5 1/2 Tips To Get Into Flow When You’re Feeling Resistance

feelflowIt’s great to take a long break from your business but finding your flow upon your return can feel like pulling teeth.

After helping my 3 Steps To Freedom™ clients find their flow I thought you might appreciate some tips.

Contrary to popular belief, flow is your natural state so there’s no need to ‘work hard’ at getting into flow and in fact that may create even more resistance within you.

Here are my simple tips for finding your flow and getting back to business:

1) Give yourself permission to take it slow. It may feel like entrepreneurs all around you are going very fast. (They are!) People equate being busy with success but going at a manic speed is more likely to cause mistakes and missed opportunities.  Try slowing down and practice being more mindful about your activities — you may be surprised at how your productivity and profits increase.

2)  Create an intuitive business plan. In my 3 Steps to Freedom™ Signature Programme we cover intuitive business planning because I realised that it wasn’t just me getting stressed out for years when using traditional goal setting.  Recently I created a new way of planning with an inside-out approach where it’s OK to set small, medium or big goals but you understand that your life will not end if the result differs from the goal.  In fact this opens you up to greater possibilities and creativity than you could ever have planned for!

3) Talk to people. If you’re a coach, consultant or other service based professional your business comprises an element of talking to your clients or customers. The fastest way to get into the flow of talking to people is to begin talking to people … Crazy hah?  After several coaching sessions with my wonderful clients I felt right back in flow.  As one said, ‘we bounce off each other and the time goes so fast.”  Flow is when time seems to stand still and you feel like the doing is effortless.

4) Encourage yourself to be playful in business. If your business feels like really hard work then you’re not going to be keen to get back to it.  If you hate your business you’ll probably feel like doing anything but going back to work! Where can you put some fun into your schedule?  Entrepreneurship can be like creative play time but many of us turn it into hard work and forget why we even started the business in the first place. Find ways to creatively express yourself and you’ll feel in flow instantly.

5) Find or innovate a business model that you love. We’re fortunate to live in a new digital world where there are a million ways to market your business and a million hybrids of business models to sell your services. Find the one that resonates with you. There’s no right or wrong. I had many different businesses and models before I found my flow by blending my marketing expertise with a premium freedom model.

If you want to go premium and have a small number of premium, perfect clients so you can do deeply transformative work as well as make more money whilst working a lot less, then perhaps I’m your coach. If you want a business with tons of products and team then there are plenty of mentors out there doing it that way. Find your flow with the right business model or it can be like trying to cram a size 7 foot into a size 5 shoe. Cinderella’s ugly sister probably wasn’t feeling the flow!

5 1/2) Why the 1/2? It’s a quick but important tip. Be patient with yourself. Beating yourself up won’t help you feel in flow so if that’s what you’re doing then go back to tip 1 and take it from there. 🙂

I hope these tips have inspired you and triggered some insights of how you can reconnect with your flow right now. Remember you don’t have to make hard work of your business.

You can feel your flow right this instant, now that you understand that it’s been with you all along …

I’d love to hear which tip resonates and also any tips you’d like to share. Leave me a comment below or reach out and let me know.

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