I’ve used the phrase ‘getting out of your own way’ for years but it’s only now that I’m having floods of insights around what this means on a deeper level.

I feel a bit like Angelina Jolie in Salt. I’ve been a sleeper who’s been woken up to carry out an important mission.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a calling to help people overcome fear but after 30 years of seeking solutions I’d resigned myself to ‘controlling fear,’ and helping people around me the best way I can, but I often felt at a loss in the face of fear. Not as challenging as being a Russian spy though, I guess!

Fear shows up in very practical ways when trying to build your business when for instance you get so hung up on the perfect marketing message that you never make an offer for the programme. I’ve seen my clients tie themselves in knots with this.

Now I’m seeing just how much we get in our own way in everything we do and as a result we block our own flow.

As with any shift in consciousness it seems as though every conversation I’ve had this past few weeks takes me back to how we’re getting in our own way.

And it’s so obvious that when I point it out to my clients they are like, ‘Yes! Of course; why didn’t I see that?’

If you didn’t spend so much time thinking about how you look or feel, odds are you’d be in a space of creativity and flow much more of the time.

When we make it all about us, business and life feel really difficult.

And my clients are not selfish people who don’t care about making a difference for others. They are heart centred entrepreneurs who are passionate about their work.

But still they get in their own way just as we all do sometimes, because we’re human and our ego loves to tease us into thinking that what we do and how we do it is of critical importance.

The wonderful thing is that when you experience an insight around this or any other ‘thing’ that’s keeping you stuck, there’s an immediate transformation.

I’m on a mission to help raise the consciousness of the planet, one person at a time. Wow. Where did that come from, Rachel? I ask myself!

Well, because it’s no longer about me, it feels really doable. How? By pointing you (dear reader) in the direction of seeing for yourself that fear is created in our own minds, through our personal thinking.

Once we really see that for ourselves; not in an intellectual way but more of a ‘ooh yeah I feel that’s true’ way, the fear drops away instantly.

But that’s not to say that it won’t come back … no such luck right?

Feeling fear is a good thing when it keeps us from walking across the road in front of an oncoming truck. But when it stops you showing up fully, it can really create a stuck experience for you.

Ask yourself now, where are you getting in your own way?

In business for example, if most of your thoughts are about you i.e, ‘what will my client think if I say that?’ or ‘My programme’s not perfect yet so I won’t offer it to Sally,’ just notice when those thoughts come up.

It’s insidious because we can easily convince ourselves that holding back is because we want to serve people better, but see it for what it really is.

Is it an obsession with how YOU show up, not how your client shows up?

I recently shared the magical un-clearing of blocks which is the simplest way of getting unstuck that I’ve ever found, so you don’t need to add more fear to the fear by thinking you need to fix yourself.

What a relief!

You’re already perfect but for thinking yourself away from your peace of mind.

I’ll be sharing a lot more about how you can effortlessly be fearless without all of the pushing, shoving and controlling that usually comes with the fear topic.

If you’d to go deeper with me on this I’ve got a new free Fearless class for you HERE

Thanks for reading. If this resonates please share with your friends and I’d also love to hear from you.


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