Here’s what today’s new Transformation Conversation, “How To Be The Expert Of You” covers:

The shift from being The Niche Expert to being the expert of you
Why we look outside for answers and why that’s not as helpful as you think
The none woo-woo way to connect with your intuition or inner guide
The three principles that create our human experience
The illusion that even very smart people with letters after their names who’ve studied psychology for years are living in (it’s not just you …)


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Podcast Transcript

Hello, this is Rachel with this week’s Transformation Conversation. Today we’re talking about how to be the expert of you. Now, this is quite a shift from the work I’ve done in the past, which has been focused on showing you how to become the expert in your niche, or, “The Niche Expert,” as my book is called.

These days I’m far more interested in helping you to see how you’re already the expert of you. That’s not to say that there aren’t practical things to do to position us as the expert, or position our expertise, and all of that good stuff. That’s absolutely valid and helpful when we’re in that space of practical stuff, right?

Here we’re going deeper than that in this Transformation Conversation. We’re looking at how to help you reconnect with that place in you that knows what’s best for you. Some people call it your, “Inner guidance.” I went on a retreat with one of my mentors, Michael Neill recently and it was all about your inner guidance, your inner guidance system.

We all have it, and it struck me when I was there how many of us, were just really perplexed at the idea of how to actually connect with it. In the past, many of you listening I’m sure, have done all kinds of things to be more connected with your intuition, or your inner guide, like meditation and all kinds of woo-woo practices.

I’m not knocking meditation, although I was never really very good at it. My busy crazy monkey mind made it actually not a great experience for me, and after a while I just stopped bothering trying because it was causing me more aggravation than peace of mind really. It’s neither here nor there whether you enjoy meditation or not. I’m not taking it away from you!

If you love meditating go for it, it’s great. When you know that there’s an inner guidance system available to you all the time, it just becomes a lot easier to find it, to be connected with it. I sometimes call the mind element of this “streaming WiFi.” It’s available to you all the time, 24, 7 and you can just connect into it. It’s always there. When we’re looking outside of ourselves for other people to give us the answers, and tell us what we should do, then we miss it, we forget it. I think many of us, even though we are quite connected either spiritually, or intuitively, we still somehow spend years of our lives just looking outside for answers.

The value I see in helping you get more connected is just that everything becomes actually easier when you are. It still surprises me, I’m working with a lot of clients now, today I had a VIP intensive with a new client. It just struck me afresh how even really smart people with letters after their names, can so easily be living in this illusion of this misunderstanding that everyone else has the answers for us.

It’s like even people who are just so smart and have studied the mind for years, and studied psychology, and know so much, still get caught up in this illusion that our experience comes from outside, and that other people have the answers for us.

I just want to shine some light on that for you today and see what insights come through for you on this. Are you busy, so busy looking outside of you for everyone else to give you the answers that you’re missing the juicy stuff, you’re missing the great stuff that is already there for you. It’s already in you, you already have it.

There’s no hard work to do to find it. It doesn’t need to me particular circumstances, or external conditions for you to be able to connect with your inner guide. That is yours all the time, it doesn’t matter if you’re too busy to meditate, or there’s a lot of noise around, or you can’t get any quiet space. The noise is in your head, the busy mindedness, the frantic thinking is what keeps us from hearing that inner voice. It doesn’t matter whether you’re spiritual, or what you think about this.

It’s just how humans operate. Even if you’re not at all spiritual, when you understand how your, “Human operating system,” as I like to call it, your HOPS works, you can just get more out of it. You have more access to your own potential, and to ease and flow of living your life without so much struggle and aggravation.

The best way I think to get a deeper understanding of this is first of all to know how your operating system works, right? The work I’m doing is based on the principles of mind, consciousness, and thought because together these principles create our experience.

When we start to understand where our experience really comes from, i.e. it comes from inside, not from outside or external circumstances, we’re far more able to settle down to be our own expert and to be connected with our own inner guide.

I’m going to add a resource this week for you, which is a lovely little 1 minute-ish video that I found on YouTube. It just explains very simply the principles of mind, consciousness, and thought. I think that will be helpful for you to see.

If you’re listening to this as a podcast look out for the video on the blog at If you’re reading then you should be able to find the video there as well. If you want to go deeper with me on this fearless journey then the best way to do it is to go to, download the free transformation class there, and get started with that if you haven’t already.

That’s a 30 minute audio where I go into more detail about all of this that I’m pointing to. If you are ready to work with me a little more closely, then I’m very excited that we’ve created a new Fearless Transformation Club. That’s available for everybody in all countries, time zone’s, all sorts of things. We’ve got an online space, and a monthly call with a focus of a topic to help you grow your business, or career from this fearless space. You can find out more about that at Hope to see you on the other side. Speak to you soon, bye, bye.


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