How to Choose or Be the Perfect Coach

Why Coaching?

This week we’re talking about how to choose your coach, the different types of coaches and why you might choose to hire your own coach. 

I started my first home business 10 year ago in Network Marketing and didn’t realize how lucky I was to   
have coaches and mentors I could turn to as a by product of just deciding to join that business.

Since then I’ve invested a lot of money and time in getting coaching as a solo entrepreneur and it’s been the best investment I have ever made.

Ten years ago I first experienced the magic of coaching when I joined a tribe and followed the leader.

Even though I’d been reading personal development books since I was a teen, having a coach shifted my mindset instantly.

What made a huge difference for me is that the leader was the perfect coach for me.  I’m not saying he was perfect … no, not all at. Who is?

But he was the perfect coach for me, at the perfect time and for that business model.

As the wise master, Jim Rohn, said, ‘study, practice, teach.’ So that’s what we did.

I became a coach by default and discovered that I’d always had a passion for inspiring people to overcome fear and for explaining things in simple terms – I’d just never known it was called coaching.

All those years of friends calling me out to the staff room to help them with their ‘issues,’ had been my unconscious training ground for life coaching.

Since then my coaching has been delivered in many guises.  I’ve been a wellness & weight management coach, a home business coach, a confidence & fear busting coach and an attraction marketing coach which morphed into my current niche coaching practice.

And the funny thing about all these types of coaching is that they’re really all just different forms of life coaching.

If your coaching niche is creative coaching, people might come to you for help with using their creativity and gifts to start a business.

You’ll help them to do that but you’ll also help them to be more effective and to be happier in their life, whatever the coaching niche.

Recently I’ve become a certified law of attraction practitioner, not because I want another certificate or feel the need to be ‘certified,’ (although some might say I need to be!) but because I’m passionate about the practice of helping people to live with more purpose and in flow.

I do believe that if you feel inspired to coach then you don’t need permission to help people.

The best way to get experience is to get stuck in but of course you may want to study different coaching methods to help you become more effective.

Another great way to get experience is to be coached by a coach who does what you want to do. Who would have thought it could be this easy to launch a career or business centered around your passion?

Who is the Perfect Coach for You?

There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of specific coaching niches so it can be a little confusing to figure out who to work with now.

I’m not going to give you a monotonous explanation of why coaching is so great. You can do your research on that if you’re compelled to.

Let’s suffice it to say that when you have a great coach or mentor, you feel connected, inspired and supported.

When you get stuck you have someone who’s there to guide you.

A great coach is like a beacon of hope.  

Sometimes they might challenge you and say things you don’t want to hear and other times they’ll inspire the pants off you by painting a picture of your possibilities … if you take the agreed action.

We all have blind spots and a coach helps us to identify them and make faster progress on our life journey.

Whatever happens, if your coach is the right coach for you, you’ll come out the other side feeling better about yourself even if you had to upgrade your mindset, suffer a little & release some ego to reach this higher level of being & vision.

That is called personal development so don’t confuse coaching with warm & fluffy compliments.

Types of Coaches

Here are a just a few types of coaches you may consider hiring to raise your game this year:

Creative Coach, Niche Coach, Health & Fitness Coach, Relationship Coach, Internet Marketing Coach, Life Coach, Law of Attraction Coach, Spiritual Coach, Financial or Prosperity Coach, NLP Coach etc.

In practice most coaches are a combo of several different coaching niches but it’s good for niching to hang your hat as one type of coach so people can find you & refer friends to you.

Some, like me, offer a magical mix of coaching and consulting. This just means that we help you to find your own solutions by encouraging you to connect with your intuition but we also guide you with best practices where appropriate.

Most clients and team members I’ve worked with want to be advised so they can then chart their course, rather than be asked repeatedly, ‘well what do you think?’

I figure if people want therapy they’d better go to a therapist (and yes I went to several in my angst ridden youth so am qualified to comment) whereas coaching focuses on the present moment & the bright future, not the painful past.

If you’re a multiple niche kind of guy or gal you’ll love the flexibility that coaching gives you because whether you’re coaching or being coached it’s all about possibility & solutions.

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