How to Consciously Create an Authentic Online Business Brand

How to consciously createOne of the best compliments I receive is that I am ‘real’ & ‘practical’ in my marketing and business approach.

I love hearing this from my clients and subscribers because that is what I set out to do from day one of my business journey.

It was a very different business model when I started out but the feedback I’ve always received consistently is that of being straight talking and telling it how I see it.

Now there are many times when if I sugar coated my advice it may well serve me better.

I could take any client who is willing to pay my rates even if I know they have unrealistic expectations and we’re not a good fit.

I could tell people what they want to hear: ‘all you need to do is xxx and you’ll be a gazzilionaire by next week.’

And it’s funny because as much as you’d think that most smart business owners know that there is no such thing as ‘get rich quick,’ there is still a tiny little part of most of us that longs for it to be possible.

This is the tiny little part that many manipulative marketers speak too.  You see when you become an expert marketer you can use your ‘superpower’ for good or for bad.

I choose to save the world the enlightened, entrepreneurial way, not extract every penny in any way I can.

And I know that’s what you want too or you wouldn’t be here with me.

Even before I realised I was a coach (I became a wellness and home based business coach about ten years ago without having any clue what coaching was really all about) this was inherent in my nature.

One of my favourite things has always been helping people by giving them practical and inspiring advice that moves them forward.

So when I found myself coaching women and a few men on how to stick to the weight loss programme they’d purchased from me, I was a natural.

I told them what they needed to hear, not just what they wanted to hear.

And of course I now know that that is an essential part of being a good coach.

But there are many different ways to do it and you can deliver your product or service in a way that is aligned with your true nature.

The question and the challenge for you today is to think about you’re a natural at.

I’m not saying you should monetise every little thing you enjoy but when you’re creating your online business brand there will be one or two things that differentiate you easily from all the rest.

What do your friends and family say is great about you?
  • Are you able to say things with a smile that others wouldn’t be able to get away with? That’s part of my brand and it’s a real gift when used sparingly.
  • Are you known for being compassionate and having a big heart?
  • Perhaps you are known as being a tough taskmaster and always making sure the job is done.
  • Or you could be very soft spoken and sweet but beneath that is a will of iron.
  • Do people laugh at your stories and find you lighten their load just by speaking to them?

OK well that’s enough to get your juices flowing for this week’s challenge.

This is how your transparent and authentic online magnetic brand is consciously created.

Weave your ‘you-ness’ throughout your content and social media.

Emphasize your unique quality as everything needs to be bigger and bolder online to stand out and you may only hold your perfect client’s attention for a minute or two.

Make it count.

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