How to Easily Plan & Publish Amazing Content

Wherever you click online marketing experts are talking about the power of content and how important it is to create valuable content for your subscribers.

You might already be creating lots of content for your niche audience but what I’ve noticed in working with clients is that they not only struggle with topic ideas but also with scheduling time to translate those ideas into published content.

There is a simple solution for both of these issues and it comes in the form of what I call a ‘content creation calendar.’

It’s something you might have heard of and you may have bumped into under the guise of a different name such as a ‘editorial calendar’ or ‘publishing calendar’ or ‘content schedule.’

Whatever you want to call it matters little but what does matter is that you have one and that you stick to it.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur with a small operation or you’re planning a huge digital empire, your online business isn’t going to be visible unless you’re consistent with publishing your content.

Here’s what you need to get your content creation calendar up and working for you:

  • A list of content ideas for your videos, podcasts or articles (whatever form of content you plan to distribute)
  • At least one session a week as per your Marketing Game Plan when you can block off some time to create and publish your content.
  • A calendar – I told you this is a simple solution!  I love the Google calendar and find it very easy to use and it syncs with my iPhone so I receive reminders there as well as by email.

What makes this work so well is that you don’t need to spend your content creation time thinking about what content to create or when you are going to create it so be disciplined here and create this schedule to follow.

Starting off the new year with a bang

  • In one focused session jot down 52 content ideas for your niche and then you have one a week for the next year.
  • Transfer this to your weekly time slot in your calendar and ta di da da – you’re golden.

You see it’s not that tricky?

If you can’t manage 52 then start with 26 and you’re good for 6 months.

No more moaning, inner groaning & eye rolling when it’s time for your next blog post; all you do is pop over to your calendar and take a look at what’s scheduled.

Add a sentence or a few keywords about each idea on your content creation calendar so that when you come back to it you can pick up your train of thought instantly.

Bonus productivity tip: When one of those great ideas for a piece of content hits you be sure to immediately add it to your content creation calender or make a note of it so you can get it on there before you lose it!

So this week’s Marketing & Mindset challenge is to create your content creation calendar and get set up for the year.

Let me know what you think and leave any questions or tips below so all of our community can benefit.

If you liked this then please share it on your favourite social media and let’s get more amazing content out there.

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