How to Start an Online Business Without Your Face all Over the Place!

In The Niche Expert I lay out the blueprint for creating your own online platform to sell your products and/or services. 

Yes it can be adapted for non-guru types to create a niche platform that doesn’t have their face all over it.

The tools can be used for any type of business and I’m yet to see one which won’t benefit from having a niche platform.

BUT I also receive a lot of questions about how to start online businesses even if you’re not a guru and have no desire to be one.

I can really relate to this because there is a little part of my writer’s soul that rebels against being in the limelight so much.

Sometimes I yearn to just lock myself away in my creator’s cave and do more of the writing and creating, not the publicity and promoting.

Fortunately I’ve set up my life so that I can do this sometimes although not as much as I’d like yet.

That’s more to do with having two gorgeous teenagers and a houseful of activity than my business model though.

So let’s get back to the dilemma of starting an online business in the age of social media branding WITHOUT having your gorgeous face (also known as your ‘mug’ stamped all over your website!)

You’ll be pleased to know that yes it is possible.

There are in fact thousands of people all over the world working ‘underground,’ doing what they love and cashing in.

Some live in sleepy little villages like me and others live near the beaches of the world.

The one thing we all have in common is an internet connection and we’ve been through the fundamentals of online marketing training.

If you’ve been with me a while you know that anything I do or teach has to fit the criteria of being ‘purposeful,’ not just profitable.

Yes I’m familiar with the affirmation and am indeed ‘ a money magnet …’ but NOT at any price.

The work and the mission mean too much to me to sell out for a quick buck.

I might have more in the bank now if I operated on the quick buck strategy but I doubt it would stay there for long, knowing what I do about prosperity.

Anyway I like to sleep well at night and I know you do too.

So what’s the answer if you don’t want your face all over the place but you want to start a lucrative online business?

The answer is threaded throughout The Niche Expert and if you’ve been on my subscriber list for a while you’ve probably noticed that it’s something that I do a fair bit.

It’s called ‘Affiliate Marketing,’ and it’s the most lucrative part of my business model aside from coaching but as coaching takes lots of time they’re not really comparable.

When you start an online business you want to consider the following core elements:

What business model will I use?
Where will the money come from?
How will I drive traffic to the offers?

When you’re clear on those three things you’re pretty much ready to rock out and create your online platform.

There are two types of niche marketing as I see it that people get very confused between:

1) Promoting products to your subscriber list. You might develop your own products or write a review of someone else’s product and share some training around the topic.

This is a very lucrative way of sharing products or programs that you are enthusiastic about and know are a good fit for your readers.

I love this model but the downsides are this tends to work best with the guru model and a big list and the best offers are not evergreen (aren’t around for long) and have strict deadlines to invoke scarcity.

2) Creating mini websites that promote specific niche products.  This is a different kettle of fish altogether and allows you to follow this ‘underground’ model I referred to earlier.

Here you can have as many mini sites as you want (or have the energy to set up) and the model doesn’t require your face be all over it.

So if you’re a shy pussycat and don’t want to be in the limelight or you want a hybrid of ‘guru’ branding but some other streams of income running in the background too, this is a business model to consider.

Obviously if you’re an author or coach you still want to have your brand out there and this isn’t a replacement for that but if you fancy some mini niche sites on the side this is the best online marketing training I’ve found and it’s designed for those who know nothing about making an income online with niche or affiliate marketing.

What’s the challenge today?  Ask yourself the business model questions and make sure you have the answers otherwise you’re going to find it tough to start or develop an online business you love.

Consider adding in type one or two of niche marketing into the mix to create additional streams of income.

If you’ve found this helpful please share on the buttons below and also let me know what you think about the different business models.

If you’d like to learn more about having your own income producing niche affiliate mini-sites this is the course I was referring to and it’s by Andrew Hansen who I highly recommend and is the expert in this space: Forever Affiliate

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