If You Build it Will They Come?

I know you hear a lot of stuff about leveraging the internet to start an online business that gives you time & financial freedom.

Many marketers lead you to believe that all you have to do is bang up a sales page and your perfect customers and clients will rush over in droves forever …. (while you sleep or lie on the beach) island

Sadly I couldn’t retire after my first product although I did get some sales which was enough to get me hooked.

Has it been the case for you?  Unless you have what I call laser ‘niche knowing’ and combine that with knowing exactly how to use the new rules & tools of the internet I’d hazard a guess that it’s probably not your reality.

What I’ve discovered on my niche journey is that there are 3 essential elements to creating an online or ‘any location’ business model to build a strong foundation for your online business.

They sound simple enough and I’ll share them with you in a moment but the big problem is that most of us (yes I am guilty of this sometimes too) rush to get stuff done rather than plan what we really need to do before we do it.

Have a think about this for a moment.

Do you rush through your day ticking urgent things off your to-do list?

If you don’t then you’re amongst the elite of small business owners and I congratulate you.

You see even if you’ve taken my advice and set up a marketing game plan and content creation calendar, the chances are that you just about manage to get the basics done.

If you outsource to a VA (virtual assistant) or have someone else to help you get the basics in place such as creating or updating your website and posting your content etc. you have more time to focus
on planning before doing.

This is the big stuff.  Creators love to create but we often do it in a very haphazard way which might be ok if you don’t mind being a starving author, a coach who works purely for the love of it or a consultant
who only eats every other month …

But if you’ve realized that you can only help more people by helping yourself first (also known as paying your bills with ease) and doing the stuff you’re great at then you know it’s time to go pro.

Here’s a short video presentation which shares the 3 essential elements of what I call the ‘Any location business model.’

Here are the elements you need to understand in more detail to be profitable from anywhere:

  • Planning Your desired lifestyle & goals to match your business model
  • How to turn your expertise into real money leveraging the internet
  • How to use automated systems and time saving tools

Unless you’re very ‘lucky’ I recommend taking the planning for profits approach rather than the winging it on a prayer one!

Prayers can help … law of attraction helps too if you know how to operate it but remember there is an extremely important word contained within and that is ‘action.’

Add to that ‘organized’ and you get ‘organized action.’

It makes perfect sense really when you stop to think about it.

How can you be successful with an online business if you haven’t taken the time to plan out your marketing platform, business model, products &/or services and how you’ll drive traffic to your site to
make sales?

The truth is when you build it some may come but if you want a solid business that gives you time and financial freedom you need to first carve out some time to plan what you want to create.

Watch here to learn how to apply the 3 Essential Elements of the Any Location Business Model and for this week’s challenge start scheduling some time to plan your business model if you’re starting out online or to develop it if you already have some pieces in place.

If you found this helpful please share on your fave social media and if you’d like to share your thoughts on this please do so in the comments below.

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