Got a new video for you today with my take on the inside-out nature of life.

I share:

  • why it feels so hard to be happy more of the time
  • how to be happy more often
  • the inside out nature of life that trips you up when you don’t understand it
  • why you’re living in the feeling of your thinking and what that means!



Video Transcript

Hi, this is Rachel Henke of I want to make some little videos for you that explain a bit more about my new Fearless work, so the Fearless basics, if you like. I’ve had quite a lot of questions, and interest, and it can be a bit confusing, so I want to go a bit deeper on the things that I’m pointing to, and the stuff that I’ve been sharing lately with you at my blog.

I talk a lot about the inside out nature of life, and that’s what I want to just talk about a bit more today with you, so when I first came across the understanding that life actually is inside out, not outside in. I was confused for quite some time.

There were places where I saw it really clearly, like I could see that my happiness wasn’t dependent on certain things, but there were other areas where it looks really solid to me, like even something like believing that the sun makes you happy, like when there’s good weather. I used to really think that I’m happy because the sun’s shining, and now I understand more about the inside out nature of life. I understand that circumstances can’t make me happy. Happiness is an inside out job. It’s like it comes from inside.

Well-being is inside us, it’s not over there, and I spent thirty years on a kind of deep spiritual journey, studying lots of self-help, and just everything I could get my hands on, really, about psychology, spirituality, business, self-development, all in a quest to feel better, really. To fix myself, because I really thought I was broken, and this is kind of the message that we get a lot from the personal development world. That we’re not okay now. That we need something out there to be okay, and when we get that thing, we’ll be right. We’ll be happy. We’ll be sorted, and don’t dismiss this as, “Oh, it’s one of those things where she’s talking about money doesn’t make you happy, or all of that stuff.”

It’s not that. It’s like there’s nothing wrong with making money, like we want to make money. We want to, as business owners, we want to make a difference, and we need resources to do it, and we want to have stuff in the world, but the misunderstanding that our well-being, our happiness, our success, comes from having that thing out there, is where all the suffering lives, so when I thought that I need a certain number of clients, or a certain level of status in my business, or my book needs to be at a certain position on Amazon, or I don’t know, whatever it may be.

When I really was in that misunderstanding that my happiness depends on that, what it does is it kind of suspends you in this place of uncertainty, because you’re depending on either someone else or something else, or some extent, or circumstance to make you happy, and of course, you have absolutely no control over any of that, and many of us realize that, so then we go to work on ourselves. “Oh, I can control myself, so I’ll be perfect in this, and I’ll work on myself, and I’ll do this,” and it’s like this never ending journey, because you never get there, right?

There’s always something else to do, so once you start to understand the inside out nature of life, even if you don’t see it in all areas. Even if it looks really solid to you, that you need X to be happy. You need certain circumstances to be happy. It’s enough to just start to see it. To just start to get some, see some light around it; that there’s possibility for transformation for you. You can move from this place of being fixed on you needing something to be a certain way for you to be happy, and instead, you can just start to see something new coming through.

You know where to look, so when I talk about the inside out nature of life, this is what I mean. It just simply means that we think that our experience comes from what’s happening outside. It looks that way. It looks so real, but actually, 100% of the time, not just 50% or 80%, which is what I thought for quite a while, but 100% of the time, our experience comes from our feelings now. Like from the thoughts we’re having now, which create our feelings. Oh, there goes the puppy! We’re living in the feeling of our thinking 100% of the time, so the good news about that is that we are not dependent on anyone else or anything else, or any set of magic circumstances for us to have our happiness intact. It’s already there.

It’s in us, so I’m going to be sharing a lot more podcasts, and do some more videos like this, to go more deeply into this stuff so that you can learn more about it if you’re interested, and if you’d like to learn more straight away, then the place to go is to, and you can download my free transformation class, where I share my journey, and talk about some more cool stuff for you there, about how to fearlessly transform. I’ll speak to you soon. Bye, bye.


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