Fearless VIP Intensive


Who is the Fearless VIP Intensive designed for?

Fearless Transformation Coaching is a powerful conversation that facilitates your own unique insights and brilliance.

This is the way to privately coach with me without a long term commitment.

We will focus on a specific area of your life, career or business where you urgently want clarity and fresh thinking.

The intensive is designed to immerse you in the revolutionary fearless understanding so you can quickly see exactly where you're getting in your own way and how to effortlessly access ease and flow.

From this space it's far simpler to create what you want.

This is a standalone package but you'll also have the option to upgrade to a 6 month programme later if we both love the experience and want to continue to work together.


This is perfect for you if you see yourself in any or all of the following:

  • You're a leader, entrepreneur or other professional and you're ready to access your true potential without working even harder because you're close to burn out as it is.
  • You're feeling stuck, overwhelmed and fearful about your business or your life in general (You may feel embarrassed to admit you've got anxious thoughts spinning around your mind - you wonder, 'shouldn't I have it all together by now?' )
  • You suspect that your self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness stop you from being as visible, confident and impactful as you'd like to be.
  • You've invested in your qualifications and skills in a big way. Now you're ready to invest in lasting, effortless TRANSFORMATION (What would you do if you weren't so afraid of failing?)

If you want to experience deep personal and/or professional transformation in the most effortless way I invite you to work with me.

Now all you need to do to attend is to register by clicking the button below and then we'll get your Virtual VIP Intensive (Half-Day) scheduled.


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Fast Start Special Offer £997 (Save £300)

Usual Full Investment £1297



You helped me move into a place that’s not anxiety ridden as even though I help my clients with that it can be challenging to do for yourself. I now have the confidence that when I take the steps the next thing unfolds perfectly without anxiety, hard work, stress … and it just works!”

Naheed Oberfeld, Wealth Coach & EFT Specialist, www.oberfeldcoaching.com

Okay, Rachel, I think I’m opening up to the possibility that an awful lot more is possible
Part of my brain was saying, “Yes, of course i know that…”  and in another part of my brain it was like a door opening and I felt a “wooomph…”  and a deep sense of letting go."

Nick Pole, Bodywork Specialist, www.NickPole.com

I suddenly realised that I've done more in the last 2 weeks from this fearless space of letting things unfold than I've done in a whole year of trying to make it happen. So exciting! Thanks Rachel."

Elise Potter, Life Coach

You'll Get:

Half Day Virtual VIP Intensive Via Skype with Rachel (We will take a break so you can process with ease)

What Results Can You Expect?

When we complete your VIP Intensive you’ll probably already have begun to experience your own unique, life and/or business changing insights and/or you'll be in the state of mind ready to receive a flow of new ideas over the coming days, weeks and months.

We'll uncover exactly what's keeping you stuck in your current situation and you'll see your situation with fresh perspective and you'll intuitively know what action to take (or even more importantly what not to do). 

You'll begin to shift into a place of grounded certainty rather than taking action based on insecure feelings and a need to fix things just so you can stop thinking about them. 

I'll guide you to access your free and fearless state of mind so you can make your best, stress free, decisions in all areas of your life. (You'll be able to access this effortlessly without my help once you know how.)

One of the most wonderful things about this work is that it doesn't involve any manipulative techniques or complex practices.  We'll simply be having a transformation conversation that will by its very nature, transform the way you think forever. (Yes, really!)

This work is a combination of the Fearless Understanding + Transformative Coaching.  You may be relieved to hear it doesn't involve any type of digging or delving into past events as you already have everything you need to be happy and successful.

I am a certified Transformative "SuperCoach" so you can rest assured you're in good hands.

I can't wait to guide you to effortlessly transform your experience and results.


Special VIP Bonuses Valued At Over £1000

  • 30 Minute Follow Up "Insight Integration" Session with Rachel - to be scheduled to take place within 10 days of the VIP Intensive. (Priceless)
  • Handpicked Premium Fearless Audio Class to prepare for your Bespoke VIP Intensive (Priceless)
  • Up to £1000 (approx $1300) Special Savings CREDIT to be redeemed against a coaching programme with Rachel, if you want ongoing coaching & support. (Completely optional)

I'm SO excited to work with you.

Once you've registered you'll receive details of how to schedule your Virtual VIP Intensive.

We all have access to our own wisdom but it really helps when you have me, an experienced transformation coach to guide you.


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Terms & Conditions

*This Intensive requires my personal time investment so is not backed by the usual money back guarantee I offer on my digital products BUT I give you my word that I'm fully committed to supporting you and ask that you show up fully present to our time together so you can get the most out of it.

*No transfer of intellectual property is allowed. Company’s copyrighted and original course and materials and systems shall not be shared, copied, edited, sold or distributed without permission.

*Expected results are of course individual but could be mind blowing given the nature of the fearless transformation ...

*The VIP Intensive is not transferable and must be used on the agreed date.  If you miss the VIP Intensive without ensuring I have at least 72 hours prior notice so I can reschedule my time, it will be allocated as used so this is for committed candidates only. The responsibility to be in touch to schedule your VIP Intensive & follow up session is with you.

* The Special Savings Bonus Credit cannot be used in conjunction with another fast action savings for the same offer.