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Hello. This is Rachel bringing you today’s transformation conversation. Do you love yourself enough? I was recently chatting with a friend about the nature of loving yourself. As so often happens after a deep conversation, I had some insights I want to share with you in today’s conversation.

When asked if I love myself enough, my default answer was something like, “Well, yes. I think I do. I’m much better these days. I’m not as hard on myself as I used to be.” Since discovering the principles that underpin the transformation conversation, I was able to truthfully say that, which is a relief. I’m a lot less worried about looking good and saying the right thing. I could share that easily. That was quite predictable; me thinking about how I used to worry due to the chaos I went through as a kid, that I was a little bit broken, and if I just worked on myself a bit more, I’d be able to fix myself and live happily ever after.

What surprised me was what followed when I wasn’t trying to come up with an answer. That’s the beauty of an insight. It appears effortlessly when you least expect it. I suddenly saw that just as I’ve seen that other blocks and patterns aren’t real, solid things, neither is loving yourself enough. My idea of who I am is no longer this fixed personality. “Rachel is good at this and bad at this. Rachel is mostly an introvert and likes a lot of time alone, but she can be really extrovert when she feels like it.” Those self-imposed labels have been dropping away for some time now. But I hadn’t seen how much this turns the whole idea of loving yourself enough upside down as well.

Here’s where I’m at with it now and I hope this helps you see something new for yourself if you have doubts about whether you love yourself enough. Sometimes I love myself and sometimes not so much. Just as the nature of thought is transient, and so our experience of everything shifts moment to moment, why would loving ourselves be any different? The good news about this is that if you don’t feel great love for yourself sometimes, you can feel comforted that this, too, shall pass. This moment of not loving yourself will pass and another thought will come along when you could love yourself quite easily.

The more you see through this conversation that when you’re grounded in reality, not up in your head making a load of stuff up about yourself, the more often you’ll find yourself not only loving yourself and everyone around you, but that you are love. It’s in those moments that you realise that it doesn’t matter what you think about yourself, as long as you see that you don’t have to take yourself so seriously anyway. The funny thing is that the more you see it, the more you cut yourself some slack, and the more loving and compassionate you are not just to others but to yourself, too.

Oh, what a lovely insight. If you’d like to go deeper in this conversation with me, download your free fearless transformation class at I’ll talk to you again soon. Thank you.

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