My 10 Point Checklist for Your Profitable Website

It’s easy to allow yourself to be overwhelmed by all of the wonderful options available to you online.

I see my role as one of helping you to choose a route of ease and flow where you take highly leveraged action each day to create a profitable & purposeful business.

Sound good?

The thing is that it can be easy in theory but not quite so easy in practice and the number one problem is often that experts, authors, coaches & small business owners don’t have a website and web presence that helps them more easily achieve their goals.

Yes you probably have a website and some kind of web presence such as a Facebook fan page BUT can people find you online when they search on google for what you offer?

Probably not. And this is nuts because it’s not difficult to do but when you pay a ‘designer’ to create a fancy pants website there is no guarantee they have any idea at all of how to set up your website for search engine optimization or for client attraction purposes.

Some do but be sure to ask those awkward questions.  Shiny images and glamorous graphics do not a profitable web presence make.

So for today’s challenge here’s my 10 point checklist for you to review your website to see if you’re set up for maximum online profitability.

1) Can you easily update your website yourself i.e.; add a blog post or create a squeeze or sales page for a new product or service without a big drama? WordPress is the solution for this.

The days are gone when you need to be held ransom by busy web experts. Yes you can outsource set up and get some wordpress training on how to operate your shiny new machine but you don’t need to be dependent on someone else to make minor updates and to add fresh content.  The online space moves too quickly and you will be left behind & miss opportunities. 

2) Are perfect clients, customers and collaborative partners finding your website & getting in touch to do business with you?

If you have done your niche research and have your optimized website and MGP (Marketing Game Plan) in place, that should start rolling for you. If you have a static website it will never roll unless you’re out speaking or networking to manually drive visitors to your site consistently. (Hard work!)

3) Are new subscribers joining your email list each day without you having to manually add them?

The key to this is having a ‘gorgeous giveaway’ that your perfect subscribers cannot resist so they exchange their name and email to receive the goodies and hop on your list. Bingo. This is where you now have the opportunity to build relationships by sending out simple email communications that contain value for your subscribers.

4) Are you or your company showing up on the first page of Google when someone types in what you offer (not just your name.)

As an example my name is all over the internet but only people who already know of you will search by name so it’s important to be listed for your specific products or service (in my case if you type in ‘Niche Coach’ or ‘Niche Expert,’ I’m right at the top.  What do you want to be known for?  This needs to tie in with your ‘memorable marketing message.’

5) Do you have your top niche keywords optimized for your website?  For example rather than having ‘author’ and ‘business coaching’ which are sadly the type of generic keywords that many websites use, you’d choose keywords based on your niche research and expertise so an example might be ‘phobia expert’ or ‘phobia therapy.’  You must do the research or have someone help you with it so that you know which keywords to target and be found.

As an example one of my clients had a static website which ranked 18 million on Google.  We set up the new website and within a few weeks it was already ranked at 2 million on Alexa.  By using my simple marketing game plan he’ll continue to rise up the rankings. Check out your Alexa ranking as you might be surprised and this is how savvy collaborative partners evaluate your web presence so it’s important in multiple ways.

6) Have you got your Marketing Game Plan in place & are you clear on what to do each week to market your business?  If not you risk hopping around online to everyone else’s agenda.  It’s easy to be distracted but you want to make money and a difference you must have your plan firmly in place or you’ll be buying different courses each week and getting nowhere fast.

7) Is your social media strategy in place?  Can people easily connect with you on social media through your website? This is so easy to do with WordPress because there are amazing plugins that do it all for you.  More importantly do you know what to tweet or update on Facebook or does it take up all your time trying to figure it out?

Are you updating each day and know which tools to use?

Knowing your niche & creating your strategy eliminates these problems. If you’re on Twitter check out and see what your ranking is. Higher the better and it shows people are engaged with your tweets.

8) Have you got stuff to sell at your website? I often hear people complain that they’re not making money online.  Let’s go full circle and ask, ‘have you got your profitable website in place?’  One you have the basics in this checklist in place the simple solution is to actually have some stuff for your perfect customers to buy.

What products and services are you selling?  You might have coaching & consulting, other services, information products you created and/or products you recommend as an affiliate. Bottom line – have stuff for people to buy and you can at least get in the digital economy game!

9) Back to those keywords. Have I mentioned them enough?  Be sure you know exactly what they are so you can create your content around them and stay on point for your niche.  Whenever you have a chance to sprinkle your keywords into your content i.e. blog posts or videos etc. then do so.  If you want to generate free niche leads blogging is a core method to do so and it doesn’t have to be difficult.

10) Is the copy (copywriting or words) on your website compelling for your target audience?  Take a quick look. If there are lots of ‘I’s’ start turning them into more ‘you’s’. Your perfect clients and customers are looking for solutions so remember to always keep it about them and how you can help.

Wow I didn’t mean to go quite so deep on this but as you can see I’m passionate about you making the most of your online presence.  The opportunities for you online now are unlimited but if you’ve not got your niche website or platform in place you won’t be able to cash in. Don’t be lazy on this stuff as it’s the foundation for everything you do in this digital world.  

Today’s challenge is to review the checklist and see how your website scores. Then begin making the improvements or getting the help you need to do so.

If you want to go deeper check out 5 Things You Might Not Know About Websites & Marketing Platforms & get in touch if I can help.

I’d love to hear what’s worked for you or what you struggle with so leave a comment below and if you’ve found this helpful please take a second to share it on social media by clicking the button to your favourite social network.

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