Today’s new Transformation Conversation, “How you’re overthinking your marketing strategy” covers:

  • how to master your mind to access your best creative ideas
  • how a busy mind is like the colour wheel of death!
  • why your marketing looks and feels hard
  • how your marketing may be getting in the way of your message
  • how to stop sabotaging your success with overthinking


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Podcast Transcript

Hi, this is Rachel bringing you this week’s Transformation Conversation. I want to talk today about how you may be over-thinking your marketing strategy. Last week, in the conversation, we talked about how to overcome your fear of being visible, and I touched on it in there that we can really be over-thinking the marketing strategy.

What happens when we do that is that marketing is something that actually stops us getting our message out as opposed to supporting us in growing our business, reaching more people, making more money, having more impact. I want to talk about why you may be over-thinking it, and where I’ve had some real personal breakthroughs in this area and also in helping my clients do the same.

I’ve heard this concept and I can’t really give any particular person credit for it because I’ve heard it a few different times from my mentors, I’m not sure who originally came up with this metaphor, but it’s cracking. It’s a really good one.

Because I work in the online world, I like to use the theme of computer equipment: the software, the hardware, how our human psychology is similar to that in a way. This really resonates with me, so I hope it will be helpful for you too.

I think of it as in our heads, in our mind, we have a front office and we have a back office. The front office is crammed full of files. In those files, we’ve got all of the strategies and all of the ideas and all of the techniques and all of the intellectual stuff and the concepts and the expertise. All of the things that we’ve collected over the years from all of your studying and up-skilling and listening to all the mentors and learning with them and investing in all the courses and doing all the endless stuff.

We’ve got a lot of stuff in our front office. If you haven’t particularly studied marketing and business, and you’re new to this world or you’re interested in this because you want to get more out of your marketing but you’re not necessarily an entrepreneur, then it doesn’t really matter because we all have a front office and it’s just crammed full with all that stuff that we already know. Stuff that we have already learned. We’ve already consumed the information, and we’ve filed it in our front office.

What happens is in that front office there’s not much space. Imagine a filing cabinet that’s really crammed in tight. It’s like it’s all just shoved in there, right?

I just think actually of my computer and the amount of files and stuff that I keep saving on there. It’s a bit like that in our head. That’s the front office. The back office, on the other hand, has a lot of space. It’s very spacious, and, if you’ve been listening to the other Transformation Conversations and following me along on this fearless journey, then you may already be familiar with the concept that I use a lot of the streaming wifi.

That is simply that we’re connected as humans to something bigger than ourselves, whether we call it Universal Mind, God, inspiration, whatever you want to call it. I think of it as that we’re connected 24/7 to this streaming wifi.

Because we over-think things, and we have a lot of busy-mindedness, our thinking is going at such a fast pace that sometimes we literally can’t think straight, that’s when we miss that connection. That’s what I refer to a lot in the three principles work also known as the inside-out understanding which underpins what I’m doing and what I’m talking about here as the principle of mind, where we’re connected.

When your back office isn’t connected, it doesn’t feel connected, it’s because you’ve just got this busy mindedness going on, and you’re missing the connection. You’re missing that lovely flow feeling. You’re missing the ability to get online and have those fresh ideas come in to your head.

It’s sort of like I was saying to a client today. It’s a little bit like when you’ve got loads of windows open on your computer, and you’re just trying to do too many things at once. You end up many times not being able to do any of it because either your computer crashes, it jams, you get that dreaded … I call it the color wheel of death on the computer. I don’t know if you get it on other computers, but on my Mac you get this color wheel and it’s just like, “Oh. No. Not the color wheel.”

That color wheel, that spinning color wheel that won’t move, is a little bit like this filing system in your head. It gets really jammed up with your busy thoughts. You’re going so fast you can’t access your own creativity, and that’s what happens when we over-think our marketing strategy. I’m really seeing this more clearly now. Marketing can look and feel really hard because we’ve got so much crappy thinking about. The marketing itself may not be that complex.

Many times it’s not that complex. You get a strategy; you implement it. It either goes well, or it doesn’t. You sort of look at your figures and have some certain things to track, like how many people sign up for something, how many people buy something, how many people open your e-mails. That kind of thing.

It’s fairly simple to track, but we have all this crappy thinking around it that we sometimes completely miss where we could be more effective in our marketing. We actually really just start to sabotage our own marketing strategies because we’re so in our own way. I know! That again. I’m always talking about getting in our own way.

I just wanted to share that with you, so you’ve got that picture of what you may be doing to yourself. How you’re getting in your own way with that thing of your files in your head. It’s all crammed too tight, and you’ve just got too many thoughts spinning fast so you can’t see clearly what your marketing strategy could be. It may be that you’ve just got too many things spinning, and too many things that you’re trying to get your head round and get skillful at. Then it just feels really, really hard and heavy.

I’m going to talk a lot more about this. I talk about marketing, business and all things really to do with improving our experience of life in business. Being more creative. Being more visible. These are the topics that I’m really, really passionate about. In my new Fearless Transformation Club, we are going to be having our monthly special class, and it will be on the topic of marketing.

Marketing with heart and integrity, because that’s so important for entrepreneurs and leaders. In fact, today, everybody needs to know how to market. Everybody’s their own brand today with Facebook and social media. You can’t really escape it if you want to be visible in any kind of project.

If you’d like to find out more about that, I’d love it if you’d come over and check out Fearless Transformation Club. See if it might be a fit for you. It’s a sacred space where you can learn more about this fearless approach to life and how to be more effective and just have more of a good time doing whatever it is that you want to do in the world. If you go to, we’ve got all the details there. There’s also a contact box. If you’ve got any questions, just shoot us an e-mail, and we’ll get back to you. If you’re hearing this after the time of the live class, it doesn’t matter because there’s a content bank of classes for you to access immediately. I hope to be speaking to you very soon. I hope this has helped you. Thank you.


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