These three O’s feature often in the lives of ambitious business people and other high achievers.

In this blog post I’ll share what I’ve seen about what’s really going on behind the scenes (in your mind) and how you can get some relief.

It can seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day, can’t it? There’s so much you want to get done but time runs away from you and before you know it, another day’s gone. You try to chase time but you always lose.


Never On Top Of Things

Feeling like you’re never on top of things and never quite accomplishing your big goals often translates into an underlying feeling of discouragement. When we feel discouraged we’re not at our most resourceful.

It’s as if we have a big agenda of the things we think we must do in our business and lives but in the background, our minds run the discouragement programme and as a result we experience self-doubt and a loss of confidence.

When this background noise whirrs away in your mind it impacts the quality of your mental clarity. You may not recognise you have background noise. But you feel as if you’re always just one step away from an emergency. This is the mental fog many people live and work in.  It becomes the new normal when you can’t see what’s going on.


A Muddled Mind

When your mind feels muddled, your experience of business and life is muddled too. It’s no wonder it feels hard to get any momentum and every day is like going in to fight a new battle.

Sometimes it feels as though you’re so close to having the business and life you want but it’s always just out of reach.  Your intellect says. “Do more, try harder, push through.”

Or perhaps it’s, “What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you do this?” And driving yourself hard like this can work for a while but it’s not sustainable. This is why so many high achievers burn out. It’s like driving your car when the red light is blinking to alert you to its need of an urgent service.  If you keep overriding the safety system, it’s only a matter of time before your car breaks down.

Traditional personal development points us in the direction of working hard on ourselves. It doesn’t take much for us to innocently interpret it as meaning we’re not good enough as we are. There’s always somewhere to get to, somewhere to go and something to do so we can be okay.


Feeling Unworthy

The implication is we’re left feeling unworthy, and lacking somehow. So what does this mean for overthinking, overwhelm and feeling overloaded?  It simply means that when you get a glimpse of how your mind really works, you can start to operate it better as in the example of the car.


Overthinking: occurs when we think we find answers to our problems by thinking them through. It seems logical right? The real problem is we don’t often find new answers to old problems in our old, tired thinking. And if we’re trying to think through multiple problems at the same time it’s like trying to simultaneously update multiple software on your computer. It’s not going to be efficient or fast.
As Einstein famously said, “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”
And I’ve found this to be true both in my own efforts at problem solving and in working with my clients.


Feeling Overwhelmed: is a symptom of trying to do too many things at once. This could be in the form of overthinking which is very common. Do you find yourself thinking about all of the things you think you should do and feel exhausted before you even start?  It’s not very helpful or productive. This is one example of how we innocently sabotage ourselves. Overwhelm isn’t a tangible problem we can touch but it feels very nasty when we experience it.


Feeling Overloaded: is a result of overthinking and overwhelm. These three O’s feed each other until before you know it looks as though you’ve got a very serious problem. You may begin to think you’re not up to the task. Something isn’t right.


I promised you relief so here it comes.

When you see the truth of how your mind creates its own problems you’re free to not take them so seriously. You don’t have to do anything. You only have to see more about how it works. When you have mental clarity, problems either dissolve effortlessly or a solution pops into your mind.


Here’s An Optional Experiment For You

Next time you find yourself falling into overthinking mode, slow down and observe what’s going on. This is the closest to a prescription I’m going to get! You have free will. You can’t choose which thoughts pop into your mind but you can choose which ones to get intimate with.

Fortunately this creates a completely different experience of life which is more relaxed, enjoyable and productive.

If you’d like to explore how to be effortlessly productive and have a greater impact with less hard work, request a session with me by clicking HERE


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