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Hello. This is Rachel with the Transformation Conversation, new podcast. Today we’re looking at reinventing you. This is such an exciting topic, and it’s been on my mind a lot lately because I’ve been in huge transition for the past few years. You may not even know this, but transition can feel really hard, and confusing. If you’re in transition now, and you’re wondering, “What’s the next step for you?” Whether it’s in your business, your career, your relationship, whatever it may be. I’ve got some really fascinating stuff to share with you here today.

For the past few years as I said, I’ve been in massive transition in the way that I see the world. I’ve got this new understanding that I’ve been sharing with you. As a result, the ground has really shifted beneath my feet in a glorious way, I have to say. In a way that really makes everything look different, even when things haven’t changed because you get this deeper understanding of what’s really going on. In addition to that, my kids have grown up. How did that happen? My youngest is 18 1/2, my eldest is about to graduate from university and she’s nearly 21. I just, I’m amazed at how wonderful they are, but also find myself in a new space, a new period of my life. That may be the same for you.

My coaching business has also transformed as a result. I’ve gone from offering how to type marketing, and business programmes, to sharing something much deeper and impactful that, to be honest, transforms my clients lives. They see the truth of who they are in a way that completely blows their mind, and opens up all of these marvellous possibilities and opportunities for them that they just couldn’t see before.

Like most of the business world, I’m now exploring new ways of building my business, just as you may be doing. Everything seems to be changing, right? The online space is changing. If you thought it was confusing before, goodness knows what you make of it now, if you’re new to online marketing, and business building. It’s a little bit of a maze. When you have a deeper understanding of what you’re trying to do, and what you want to achieve as you reinvent yourself, all of that becomes less frustrating, and less scary because you see it from a calmer place, you see it from a deeper place, and you have access to something that I never really could put a name to before.

You have access to this deeper mind and resourcefulness that is always available for you. That’s what I help my clients see, that’s what I help them access. If you’re looking for new ways of bringing value to your clients, or you’re wondering what your next step is, or if your kids are just growing up like mine, and you may suddenly feel you actually have some time and energy to reinvent yourself. Perhaps it’s that career that you always wanted, but you didn’t pursue because you did the sensible thing, you did the thing you knew would make money, or you did the thing that just fit in with the school runs, right? Like I did for years. I’ve always gone after my dreams, but my kids were always such a priority in terms of what things I choose to pursue.

Suddenly we have this whole life open up to us. It’s, many women feel this way, mothers who’ve run their whole businesses and lives around their kids. I’m sure there’s some guys having the same opportunity open up. It’s wonderful and also slightly unsettling. Even though it can feel scary, you don’t have to get lost in change. Change is normal. There’s no need to resist it. When you begin to grasp that you have your own, as I call them, “Magic superpowers,” in built into your human system, you don’t have to fight to resist change, and try so hard to control circumstances, which is actually impossible anyway.

What you do see is that you are so much more powerful than you thought. You are so much more powerful than all of that insecure thinking you have whizzing around you mind. Even in the midst of chaos, I’ve seen my clients blossom into the full awareness of their true, fearless nature. As a result they’re more productive, they’re more at peace with themselves, they’re more creative, they’re less insecure, more loving. Their relationships have turned around, sometimes completely in ways that you can’t even fathom. They’re seeing new opportunities for their business or their career, right under their nose, that they just couldn’t see before because they had tunnel vision living in this little fearful space of what’s possible. That’s what I blow the lid off for my clients, so that they can really start to see the opportunities all around them, and how powerful they are

I really wanted to share that with you today so that you can get a taste of that too. If the ground feels shaky under your feet, and you’re ready for some real transformation, not just little changes that you’re kind of tweaking, and trying to control your experience because you’re scared of change. Something that just really shifts everything for you, and you start to see yourself, and really everything around you in a completely different way. That’s transformation, and that’s why I’m really passionate about sharing with you now.

I hope you’ve heard something new for you today. If you’d like to speak to me more about reinventing you, about the opportunities for you, and what your own personal transformation could be, then reach out. There’s a contact form at my website, that’s There’s a contact form there that you can feel in your details, and I’ll get back to you. Or you can email us at I’d love to hear and perhaps be speaking with you guys soon. Thank you, have a wonderful day.

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