If there’a a topic that we spend a lot of time thinking, worrying, stressing and perhaps dreaming about it’s the one of money!

As a business owner and certified (but not crazy!) money coach, I’ve shared a lot of thoughts on money over the years; how to attract it, make more of it and how to manage it better, but recently I’ve had some big shifts in my relationship to money.

This is exciting because I thought I was stuck with my current relationship with money which to be fair is a lot better than it used to be.

I’m now seeing that we’re never actually ever stuck with anything, even those blocks that look super solid.

There’s so much fearful thinking around money that it’s easy to believe that money has real power over your life and happiness.

Of course life does seem easier when we have ‘enough’ money; but what’s enough money anyway?

After 18 months of trying to get what my transformation mentors are pointing to I’ve finally begun to really see for myself that my peace of mind doesn’t come from how much money I have in the bank.

I had a lot of ‘yeah buts’ around this as you probably do too!

Now I’m not being all anti-prosperity here – I love making money as much as the next business owner so let’s get that out on the table.

What I don’t love is feeling like I’m not OK if I’m not making the money I decided I would make by a certain period, which incidentally is also all made up.

As entrepreneurs we put ourselves through so much thought created suffering as a result of making up money and business goals and then beating ourselves up for not hitting them.

Are you beginning to see the pattern of money madness here?

Or conversely when you hit your big goal, you’re really happy for a day or two before your worrying kicks in again and you’re back in the money worry loops …

What I’ve finally seen and am pointing you to now is the fact that if you’re a worrier and one of the things you find yourself worrying about a lot is money, then you’re still going to worry about it even when you have tons of it.

Why? Because money is neutral.  It’s only your thoughts about money that give you the temporary relief or panic. As a society we’ve given money meaning and decided collectively what it stands for and how much it’s worth.

Sorry to break this news to you but it’s better you know now, especially if you’re a real worrier type like me.

And if you’ve already hit big money goals you’ve probably had a glimpse of this yourself and may think that the key is in making more money and hitting even bigger goals SO THAT YOU CAN FINALLY BE HAPPY and have peace of mind.

I invite you to step back even just for a moment from all of the beliefs and stories you have about money and explore the idea that it’s a neutral thing and doesn’t have any divine powers in itself.

What comes up for you?

What do YOU see?

If you can glimpse that all of the suffering and fearful thinking you have around money shows up regularly for you whether you have a lot or a little you can see that there is no amount of money you could ever make that can set you free because it’s not the money itself that gives you peace of mind!

Crazy hah?

I got glimpses of it and have had some huge insights around money but it was finally seeing and really understanding that it’s the adrenalin rush that we’re chasing and when the money hits our bank account we feel momentary relief because we think we can then stop worrying about money.

But when the figure in your bank account drops below whatever it is you’ve made up, the toxic, fearful money thinking starts all over again.

It really is like Groundhog day but without the laughs!

On a bright note I do also bear good news.

All that there is to do to escape this toxic, fearful money pattern is to recognise it and begin looking in the direction I’m pointing to.

100 affirmations, mantras or meditations will only give you temporary relief …

Now you know where to look you’re a lot more likely to see the truth of this!

I’d love to hear what you think so get in touch or leave a comment to let me know if this resonates.

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