Rock the Love-o-Meter & Watch your Sales Soar

It sounds corny but wouldn’t the world be a much better place if there was just more love in it everyday, not just on Valentine’s?

You may not have thought about it before but it’s exactly the same with your business and marketing.

When you feel uptight and find yourself operating from a place of scarcity, everything seems like hard work and becomes a struggle.

When I started my first home business ten years ago I was a weight loss coach and although I’d never intended to get into that field I soon found that I could help my clients more by being loving.

What do I mean by being loving?

Well I just noticed that when I came from a place of love and generously went the extra mile, my clients fell in love with me and more importantly they got amazing weight loss results with the program.

If I was feeling impatient and not loving, it would soon show up in my customer retention results.

You see what I discovered back then was that people are looking for someone to believe in them and love them for who they are, whatever their weight or bank account.

That was my first lesson in ‘sales.’

Sometimes you serve your clients best with the tough love approach and you have to have the courage to call them on their stuff when they are not following through. (Notice this is still done lovingly)

But when they’re doing well be more enthusiastic about there results than even they are!

You see they often don’t believe they can achieve their goal whatever it may be so by injecting your love and belief into the relationship they feel safe to grow even when it isn’t pretty.

So what does this have to do with your online business?

When you’re marketing online you have to learn to show your love with words and that can be challenging, especially if you’re not a writer.

Sure you can make videos or audios and talk directly from your heart BUT you still need to find the right words that will shift your listener into a place of trust and hope so that they can take the action you want them to take for their highest good.

Here are 3 simple tips for you to pour more love into your online marketing and watch your sales soar:

1)Write or speak to ONE person.  If you talk to everybody and say things like ‘how’s everyone doing today?’ you’ll miss the love-o meter by a mile!  How can your reader feel special if the email or website doesn’t talk specifically to them?

2) Interrupt their trance.  Joe Vitale, the master copywriter and star of the Secret, teaches ‘hypnotic writing.’  Joe says that everybody is in a trance so your words have to interrupt your reader’s trance to get their attention. Lovingly keep their attention by showing you care about their problem and want to help them fix it.

3) Robert Collier, one of the world’s greatest writers advised us to meet the reader where their thoughts already are.  Paint a picture of your ideal client’s dream and speak to their pain but do so from a place of love.

The days of stuffy and starchy marketing are gone.  Don’t be afraid to show your reader who you really are and to make the effort to get inside their head. Weave a little love into your marketing and watch your sales soar.

This week’s challenge is to write your next email, article, blog post or sales letter using these tips and consciously inject more love into your writing.

I’d love to know what you think and any tips you have for connecting with your readers or clients to show that you really care.

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