Step by Step Instructions for Setting Up Your WordPress Blog.

By the time you come to install your blog you should have given some serious thought to what type of information you want to put on your blog and who your audience will be. This is called your NICHE. If you try and talk to everyone you'll end up talking to no one.

You might consider getting some coaching on this to start you off right, if you have no marketing experience in this area. Also details of free resources here: Get Started

1) Choose Your Domain Name

a) Go to or other domain provider of your choice and brainstorm domain names that are available. I recommend starting with your name ie; or if it's not available, something connected with your name such unless you already have a very specific niche or brand that you want to develop online.

b) Purchase your domain name.

You get 1 free email with the GoDaddy service so you can have a business email to match your blog which you can go back into and set up later.

2) Purchase Your Hosting Plan

a) Go to and purchase your hosting. The 'Baby Plan' is a good place to start because you get unlimited domains. You can use any other plan or hosting that you prefer but make sure it offers 'c panel' with Fantastico as this is the easiest way to install your WordPress blog.

b) With HostGator you key in your new domain name as an 'add on' when you purchase the hosting.

3) Forwarding Your Name Servers to Your Hosting Account

a) Locate the email from your hosting company and find the 'Nameservers' on it. There will be two.

b) Log into your GoDaddy account and go to 'My Domains.'

c) Click on the icon that says Nameservers or DNS and delete the existing ones and copy and paste the two nameservers from your hosting account email to replace them.

It can take up to 48 hours for this to take effect and for you to be able to see your domain name parked at your new hosting service.

4) Installing Your WordPress Blog

a) Log into with your log in details for your hosting account.

b) Click on the 'add on domains' icon and key in your new domain name unless you are with hostgator and already did it.

c) Scroll down to the icon named 'Quick Install' and click on it.

d) Click on the 'Wordpress' icon which is usually under 'Blogs.'

e) Click on 'Install.'

f) Select the domain name you added on earlier (you may have several if this is not your first website)

g) Leave the install directory box blank so it installs in your root domain. (It will tell you this)

h) Create your username and password and write it down. Keep it in safe place where you will find it as you will need this each time you log into your blog! Complete the rest of the fields as directed. You cannot change the username so choose wisely.

i) Check information and copy the link for your log in admin area.

Visit your domain name. Congratulations you are the proud new owner of a WordPress Blog!

To create a highly customizable blog, website and capture pages without being a techie guru check out: Optimize Press

For my step by step blueprint on setting up your niche business & online marketing strategy check out The Niche Expert Home Study Program: Modules

5) Log in and optimise your WordPress Blog

a) Log in to (This is the back office of your blog)

b) Go to Settings and fill in the name for your blog and the tagline. Choose a title with your main keywords in it as this is important for you to be found by the search engines. Save changes.

6) Select and install your WordPress Theme

a) Change your standard theme by choosing a free theme here: WordPress Themes

Or you can choose a paid theme as they have more options to customize them easily yourself without paying a 'supergeek' to do it for you and they are supported for upgrades.

My favourite theme is: Optimise Press (so much more than a blog and includes unlimited access to step by step video tutorials to set up capture pages, sales pages, membership sites and launch funnels with NO HTML knowledge required. See my Video & Full Review Here: Video Review

b) Download whichever theme (blog design) you like and go back into WordPress and click on ‘Appearance’ on the left. Then click on ‘Themes’ and ‘Add new themes,' then click 'Upload' and then ‘Browse’ and find the theme you just downloaded and click ‘Install’. Go back to the ‘Themes’ section and click 'Activate.'

You should now see your new theme on your blog domain!

Alternatively you can also use FTP software which is a free download if you have problems uploading the theme and plugins within your WordPress back office. You may need this to do more advanced updates on your blog or website so it's a good idea to set it up before you need it but wordpress is getting more and more user friendly so you may never need it.

If you are a technophobe or don't have the time or the inclination (!) to do it and prefer to have someone else set up your WordPress website & platform for you, check out our 'done for you' website solutions.

If you need marketing strategy and business development help then check out the coaching programs here:

Coaching Help


Once you have your blog installed go here and install your wordpress plugins. This is REALLY important: WordPress Plugins Training

If you trip up along the way, take a short break and deep breath! Go back over the steps and see where you went off the path. If you still need help then call your hosting company (or Go Daddy; if it's about the domain) because these companies are all happy to provide free online and telephone support.

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