Ten Tips to Get Organized for a Productive New Year

Don’t put this off any longer because the festivities will take over and before we know it we’ll be in January.

The best time to get organized for next year is NOW.

I’ve put together my top ten tips to help you to do just that before the holidays hit and you forget your name in all the Christmas chaos never mind your online marketing plan!

1) Declutter your office or workspace.  Even if you loathe cleaning and tidying I promise you that blitzing your work space for even one hour will breathe new energizing life into your plans.  Throw or give away what you no longer want or need. Ahhhhhh

2) Release old stuff that didn’t work this year or you just don’t have the enthusiasm to do.  Yes this includes all of those half done projects that seemed such a good idea at the time.

3) Keep the good stuff.  If you can still glimpse genius in some of your old projects and ideas but didn’t get around to implementing or completing, now is the time to schedule specific actions in your calendar for next year.

4) Forgive people, including yourself, and release old resentments.  Pay any outstanding bills and resolve disputes by being the bigger person.  When you do this you’ll feel lighter & happy.

5) Make a list of the specific skills you know you need to master to enjoy greater success next year, for instance, social media marketing, copywriting, video creation or blogging. Find a course or mentor who can help you.

6) Make a list of the BIG things you want to achieve next year.  Create your life or business plan to achieve them. Everyone has different ways of planning that work for them so find what works for you so that you’re not paralyzed by ‘not knowing what to do,’ when the new year hits.

7) Make plans to create or improve your online marketing platform.  This is no longer an option if you want to be known as a serious player in your niche. Greater opportunities seek you out when you have this in place rather than you having to constantly chase work.  This is called Expert Positioning.

8) Create your Marketing Game Plan. This is the fuel for your platform and those who consistently follow their unique marketing game plan generate highly targeted leads for their niche business which convert into real live clients, online sales or both.

9) Create your Content Creation Calendar.  This is how you promote your marketing platform and implement your game plan without going loopy!  Your business runs like a well oiled machine when you know exactly what is happening & when. Without this it’s impossible to be organized and productive online. (Believe me I’ve tried!)

10) Put your Profitable Packages together so that you get well paid for the purposeful work you do.  Otherwise what is all of the previous for?  This is how you tap into the digital economy and can afford to stay in business to serve more people who need your gifts.

Bonus Tip: Celebrate your achievements from this year and take some time off to relax over the holidays knowing that your plans for next year are in place.

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