Ten Ways to Creatively Collaborate to Grow Your Business

It can be really lonely working from home so it’s critical that you set up some systems to support yourself.

When I worked in a busy office I used to long for quiet time to write and study but then when you get it you have to be extremely diligent in not letting it just slip away.

I’m a combination of introvert and extrovert so most of the time I love working quietly on my own but with a young family and busy household I’m never in danger of feeling lonely.

If you’re alone at home working online you may feel lonely sometimes or even if you have a busy house like me you may still be in danger of feeling isolated or cut off from others who share your entrepreneurial mindset & lifestyle.

When you’re a home based entrepreneur you live a completely different life to the average parent you meet at the school gates or 9-5er and let’s face it, YOU ARE NOT AVERAGE!

Even if you work partly outside your home or split your time between jobs as a 5-9er (the new term for people starting part time businesses while still employed during the day) the more skilled you become it seems the less most people understand or relate to you.

You’ve chosen a different path and it won’t be long before you notice some old friends falling away in a natural renewal process.

Research shows that good relationships lead to increased happiness so if you have a tendency to be a bit of a loner I urge you to plug into some support networks to stay connected and build new relationships.

Perhaps even more importantly is that the internet is no longer a place to just sit on your own plugging away; with the advent of social media it is now a 2-way street and I believe collaboration is the key to success.

To become well known as an expert in your niche it’s essential that you seek out partnerships or collaborations so you can position your content and services in front of thousands of new people.  

This is called tapping into OPA ‘other people’s audience’s,’ which is a similar high leverage concept to tapping into other people’s money which Robert Kiyosaki of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad, brand teaches as a strategy for building wealth.

Here are 10 Ways for you to Creatively Collaborate to Grow Your Business!

1) Hire a personal coach so you get heard and get real time feedback as you develop specific skills.  (Joining group programs is valuable too but there’s nothing like having a coach’s personal attention.)

2) Join or create a mastermind so you can support other business owners and receive their support as you grow together.  If you’re not sure how a mastermind works read ‘Think & Grow Rich,’ by Napoleon Hill where he writes about the power of the mastermind.  As the old saying goes, ‘two heads are better than one,’ so in this case you can tap into multiple heads and fortunes have been created with this approach.

3) Join a local networking group. BNI or The Chamber of Commerce are brilliant groups and you’ll be able to develop friendships & rewarding business partnerships for referral exchanges and get out from behind your electronic device to chat with some real people!

4) Join associations for your industry and attend live events on or offline.

5) Attend seminars and conferences to develop your skills. Here you can meet potential affiliates for your products, joint venture partners for new projects, other experts to interview and of course potential clients or customers.

6) Join online groups.  The private ones are the best so you can create your own or join others relevant to your niche. (Benefits are similar to no.5)

Once you’ve got your feet wet it’s time to step up to even higher leverage activities:

7) ‘Pitch yourself’ as a guest blogger on targeted blogs in your niche. (This is the OPA concept at it’s loveliest and you can generate hundreds of free targeted subscribers or leads with a strategic post)

8) If you’re game for speaking at live events then ‘pitch yourself’ for conferences and seminars. You can start small with local networking events as there are always opportunities to speak for 10 or 15 minutes on your topic and one speaking gig leads to another.

9) Keep an eye out for tele-seminars where multiple experts are contributing content or interviews on a topic related to yours. Don’t be afraid to ‘pitch yourself’ as the worst that can happen is you get a no.  This can lead to other opportunities or to a yes next time! This is my favourite as you don’t even need to leave home!

10) Contribute high value content through some of the above methods and be alert for ‘content syndication’ opportunities.  This simply means your blog, interviews or articles can be picked up and distributed regularly through another site and you can receive a permanent link as a ‘panel expert’ or contributor. Think ‘Huffington Post,’ and you’re on the road to fame and fortune baby!

A final word of advice

As you become known as an expert in your niche you’ll begin to attract lots of invitations to speak at online and offline events. Choose wisely as you don’t have to say yes to everything but this is the most highly leveraged way for getting your business in front of the most people with the least amount of effort so be strategic and go for it, expert!

OK so we’ve covered a lot of expert positioning strategies here.  This week’s challenge is to pick one or two and get cracking. I’d love to hear which one you plan to start with and/or which you’ve done already and what results you’ve had.

If you’ve found this post valuable please hit your fave social media button and let’s get the word out.

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