Recently I posted a question on Facebook as part of my research for “Living Fearlessly,” the new book I’m currently working on.

The feedback was fascinating and I’m inspired to share the common fears with you as well as what I’ve seen about dissolving them effortlessly.

The question I asked was, “What would you say is your No.1 mindset ‘block’ or fear that you feel stops you from either doing what you want in life or business, or from reaching your highest potential?”


Here’s a laundry list of the common fears posted:


Fear of failure
Fear of being vulnerable
Fear that I have to do everything alone
Fear of being visible
Fear of wasted effort and no results
Fear of not being enough
Fear of physical pain
Fear of judgement
Fear of success
Fear of looking stupid
Fear of being reprimanded
Fear of going to hell (Literally)
Fear of being embarrassed
Fear of burning out
Fear of not being able to cope


I also gave people an option to send me a personal message so they didn’t need to post their biggest fear in public if that felt too uncomfortable. Several shared their fears with me privately.

It was interesting to note that only two brave men posted to share their fear. Most of the public posts were made by women. I read a statistic that twice the number of women as men, suffer from anxiety related fears and phobias.

I don’t know how accurate that is but that could be why fewer men posted. However I think it’s more likely that many men see their fears as a weakness and think that they should ‘man up,’ and get on with living. And there’s something to be said for just getting on with it.

Women, and I’m aware that I’m generalising here, seem to be more open to share their fears, perhaps because we’re socially conditioned and applauded for being soft and feminine.

I just completed the first draft of the chapter in “Living Fearlessly”,about dissolving fear effortlessly and what struck me as I wrote was that while all of these fears look individual, they’re all rooted in the same insecurity.

We all sometimes fear that we’re not good enough. That seems to be a universal ‘human’ fear. It’s not a ‘insert your name’ fear.

We all want to be understood, loved and accepted unconditionally.

We all want to feel special, and this complicates our experience of life because we can get lost in ego as we yearn to be recognised as unique.

All humans are special and at the same time we are all ordinary. I’ve loved waking up to the psycho-spiritual principles of how our experience really works because it’s allowed me to embrace my ordinary human-ness.

Once you accept your ordinary human nature, you’re free to rest in your big fearless self. There’s nothing to do to be fearless; it’s your natural state. It only changes when you indulge your fearful thoughts.

All humans are special because we’re all connected to the infinite creative potential of the universe and so I now see it as ordinary to be special!

When we believe our fears, we think they are real. We can’t choose which fearful thoughts pop into our mind. You may be relieved to know this because it’s one less thing for you to try and control.

When we don’t know that we each live in our own thought created reality, we lose sight of our power and we forget the truth of who we are.

The truth is that no matter how much you ‘think’ you suffer from whatever fear you’ve labelled yourself with, you are made of something far more powerful than the fear whizzing through your mind at any particular moment.

You are not your thoughts. You are not your fears. You are made of resilience.

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