The Guru Myths Exposed: What is the Guru Model?

what is the guru model?I’ve got a new complimentary series for you that will shed some light on popular guru myths so that you can build or develop your online or any location business without all the hype.

There are so many gurus online and so much conflicting advice that it can be super confusing to know who to listen to and in what order!

Most of us can’t resist the gurus, including me, for the most part.

I learned my marketing & business skills at the knee of the guru and much of my spiritual development has come from studying with personal development gurus.

Once you have a published book and/or digital products and a tribe of followers and/or coaching clients and/or you speak at online or in person events, many people will naturally see you as a guru.

This may make you feel queasy (you’re not alone) or it may thrill you to the core.

You might be jumping up and down and can’t wait to get on that stage to share your guru message!

Most of us aren’t that way and it takes a little bit of coaxing to find our inner guru and bring him or her out into the world to share some wisdom.

Whichever it is in your case, it’s a good idea to get comfortable with the term and to learn how the model works so that you can keep the best and discard the rest.

The online type of business model I teach is often referred to as ‘The Guru Model,’ so it’s only natural that your followers (commonly known as fans) and clients may see you in this light.

I adapted the model to a softer approach and named it ‘The Niche Expert,’ but whatever you want to call it you’ll need to get used to being in the spotlight if you want to do this type of marketing.

And if you’re not that keen on the spotlight make sure you stay tuned for the next posts in this series as I’ll have something special for you that doesn’t involve quite so much guru-ish-ness!

How do you make money with the Guru Model?

The Guru Model usually consists of gurus or experts marketing their knowledge or expertise through various levels of products and programmes.

Some call it the product pyramid and it usually starts with free or low cost products right through to premium coaching and consulting programmes.

There are lots of hybrids of the Guru Model but generally you build your database (or list) by offering a free giveaway in exchange for your website visitor’s name and email.

From there you might offer a digital or physical product through a series of educational and promotional emails.

The guru of marketing gurus, Brendon Burchard, calls this a home page ATM.

It’s hard not to be excited by that term if you have or want an online business and are at all success and money motivated!

So that’s the Guru Model for you in a nutshell. 

There’s usually a lot of talk about passive income and making money while you sleep with digital products.  I was baptised by fire in Network Marketing and groomed to believe that you can build a network and never work again.

In both cases you can develop a great income but it’s rarely completely ‘passive.’

This is just one of the myths of passive income but there are more which I’ll share with you next time so you’ll know what to be on the look out for.

“All the lovely money will just pour into your bank account and you can sail off into the sunset. Hmmm!”

Maybe you can sail off for a fortnight or even several months if you have your business systems in place, but forever? (Please don’t cry if this is a shock to you as there will be good news as we go through the series, I promise 😉

In the next post in the series I’ll reveal more of the myths of passive income so if you’re confused by all the guru hype and want some more straight talk keep an eye out for that soon and make sure you’re on my mailing list and stay tuned.

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