Here’s what today’s new Transformation Conversation, “The Unfolding Or Making It Happen Life Path” covers:

  • The two life paths available to us (how to recognise them)
  • Insights on letting it be easy
  • Is it OK to feel this good or do you find yourself feeling guilty?
  • Getting more done with power naps
  • Trusting yourself to know what you need when you need it (and having a more enjoyable life as a result)


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Resources for this episode

The Illusion Of Future Fearful Thinking (the previous podcast in case you missed it)


Podcast Transcript

Hello, this is Rachel bringing you this week’s Transformation Conversation. In the last Transformation Conversation, I was talking about future fearful thinking. I mentioned this idea of the two lives we’re living. I like to think of it as the two paths. I was referring to a conversation I had with one of my mentors, Michael Neill, whom I’ve been working with a lot lately and really listening to a lot of his stuff, in this conversation. He talks about this path that’s effortful that we’re trying to make happen, and then there’s this path … Actually, he says life. This life that’s unfolding effortlessly. This is fascinating for me, because I’ve been chasing this idea of flow, and how to be more in flow all the time for years and years now. This idea of the two lives, or the two paths really brought me clarity around that.
It’s how things work all the time, whether we realise it or not. It’s like we’re getting in our own way by trying to micromanage all the details, when things can so often just work out perfectly without us doing anything. Then there’s other times where we get involved, and you know, it seems like maybe what we did was essential. There are so many times when you just don’t do anything actually and things work out brilliantly without your intervention. I see that more and more. I’ve shared in some of these conversations, that I think of myself as kind of a fast fixer, I’ll get in there, and I need to fix stuff, including myself, and including problem situations.
If there’s something that’s really huge in the way that I’ve shifted through this, understanding this conversation more, it’s that I really don’t need to be micromanaging everything. That’s been a huge relief for many of my clients when they’ve seen that too. When we get out of our own way, things can really work out beautifully. Another thing that comes up for me along this, on this theme is that more and more of my clients have said things to me like, “Wow, can it be this easy? Is it okay that I’m feeling this good?”
It’s not just one or two, it’s like a lot of clients have said that to me now since I’ve introduced them to this understanding, and we’ve been working essentially on a deeper level in this conversation together so that it’s, you know, how does it apply to them in their life? It’s not just some kind of distant concept, which is certainly what I had before when I looked at the more spiritual nature of life. It was kind of like, “Okay, that’s nice. Now I need to get on with my real work, and my real life, and all of the problems that I have,” right?
It’s just seeing that this is going on all the time whether we know it or not, whether we see it or not. A good example that occurred to me earlier was that yesterday I had about, I think I had four calls. They were high energy calls, and went really well, and I finished the calls and the thing that went through my head was, “Okay, I should really now do X.” I don’t know if it was to record this podcast, or if I thought I should do some other piece of work. That’s what went through my head. When actually, everything in me was saying, “Rachel, you’ve had a really productive morning.” I think it was about maybe two o’clock. “Actually you really need to just take a little break now, you need to take maybe a nap,” right?
Those of us who are over achieving types, striving, trying to cram as much work as possible into the day, can sometimes really struggle with that idea of … Sorry about that, puppy’s going off on one. As I was saying though, those of us who are kind of very conditioned to be trying to cram as much work into a day as possible, can sometimes find it hard to take it easy. It’s in the taking it easy that we get so many insights, and so much good feeling is available to us. As in the past, in the past you know, I might have soldiered on, pushed through, did whatever I wanted to do and it will have turned out however it wanted to turn out, like it might have turned out well, or it might have been a bit stale because I was just pushing through. I can see that when we have deadlines and things just need to be done, sometimes we just need to get on with it. I’m not saying that’s wrong in anyway.
When there is an opportunity, which for many of us who work for ourselves, there is, to organise our time, and do things in the order that we want to do them, then it just makes sense to have a nicer time of it. I’d invite you this week to just have a look at where you push through, when you could actually just take a break and do something different. When you come back to the thing that you wanted to do, the odds are that you will find it much easier when you’ve had a break. If I’d have pushed through when I was feeling really sleepy, I don’t think that it would have gone as well.
What actually happened was I did go and have a nap, and it was absolutely wonderful. Had the fire on. You know, it’s that time of year. The fire’s lit, and it was just really cosy and lovely. I had, I don’t know, maybe a 30 minute nap. I woke up so refreshed, and restored, and kind of full of vitality that for the rest of the day until quite late at night, I was really able to do a lot of stuff. Excuse me again, here we go with the puppy barking. I could see quite clearly that I was way more productive, way more engaged with what I was doing. Had a really, really lovely day. I’m playing around with this, but it looks to me like when I just let things be easy, there’s a much bigger chance that they are easy.
When I get really invested in pushing through, and making things happen, and really getting in my own way, stuff does feel very, very hard and it’s not very enjoyable. I know that for many people this just sounds almost like fairy tale, and it was the same for me.

I invite you to play with it for yourself. Have a look for yourself where you could just let things be easier, where you don’t always have to push through, and micromanage, and make things happen this minute. Maybe they’re not ready to happen. Maybe their time to happen is tomorrow, not today. Maybe when you just sit back a little bit, you’ll have more clarity on how to do something, or a way that would be much less hard work for you anyway.

What it comes down to is trusting yourself. If you can trust yourself more to be in this space, and to follow those hunches that you have, and to just be more in tune with yourself, and your own guidance, you’ll see what you need. That’s something so beautiful, and I’m seeing it more and more, you know, as with the client saying things like, “Can it be this easy? Is it okay for me to feel this good?” Then yeah, it is. This is really what I want for you. I want you to see that more, how it’s perfect. I hope that’s been helpful for you today, certainly if you’re feeling a little bit tense, or stressed, or getting yourselves worked up about anything that you need to push through and make happen.
I’d love to hear from you, and as always if you want to hear more from me you can go to If you’ve not already got the Fearless Class, you can download that and have a listen. I’ll speak to you again soon. Have a good day, bye, bye.


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