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In my last post I shared what I see about showing up as the fearless you. Today I want to share what’s unfolded for me in my personal experience of being unleashed so you can see how unleashing the fearless you works.

Our experience of life and business is different for all of us because it’s entirely dependent on our thoughts in the moment. Sounds crazy. Who knew? I certainly didn’t. I spent years trying to get into the flow state so I could feel positive and happy. 

What a big waste of time it was because flow is our natural state. We’re always in flow but we’re confused about what it means. We’ve been innocently misled through popular personal development to believe flow means we need to be permanently happy and blissed out.  We don’t even need to be in flow to create great results; we can be in a low mood and still be a high performer as long as we don’t take our moods seriously.

When you live in the misunderstanding of how your experience works, it can really get in the way of you doing the great work you’re called to do.  It’s easy to get lost in fear and self-doubt and before you know it you’re off in a thought storm thinking you’re not worthy or you don’t have the ability to do your great work.

It may come as no surprise that this path is unlikely to unleash the fearless you. In my upcoming book “Living Fearlessly” I share how to do your great work and live your life without feeling the fear.

What if you already have everything you need within you to live an amazing, fearless life? When you wake up to how your experience of life is created through this revolutionary, new understanding; fear, stress and overwhelm dissolve without you having to do anything at all.

Personal and professional transformation instantly occur when you stop trying to fight fear and instead allow your fearless intuition to be your guide. When you follow your fearless intuition you’re naturally powerful, resilient and confident.  This is the complete antithesis of what you’ll get from most personal development about fear which usually involve conquering, fighting resistance and becoming a fearless warrior.

You may be relieved to hear that unleashing the fearless you involves none of this striving and artificial state changing. As Goethe said, “As soon as you trust yourself you’ll know how to live,” and I’ve found this to be true.  Self-doubt dissolves without any intervention when you’re aligned with truth and not trying to struggle against reality. When you trust yourself to handle what shows up you develop a taste for truth. When you have a taste for truth you can see clearly when you’re being taken off track by your fears and insecurity.

Many people get very confused about following their intuition because they don’t have the fearless understanding so think that fear is a sign for them to stop. What I see more clearly everyday is we experience fear from the inside-out so it’s just a thought and it really can’t hurt you. You don’t need to feel the fear and do it anyway because you’re already fearless when you’re connected to your intuition.  This beautiful knowing guides you in everything you do when you begin to understand how it works and you allow it to support you.

This knowing is available to you in every area of your life. The minute you drop out of your fearful thinking you’ll reset to the fearless you. From that place you are always unleashed. You were never leashed; you just thought you were.

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