What Do You Want To Be Known For Online?

What to do you want to be known for onlineIf you decide to play big online the fastest way is to become known for something.

This concept is pretty simple to grasp and makes perfect sense.

But it’s not always that easy to decide WHAT you’ll be known for is it?

Sometimes your niche finds you and sometimes you have to step out in faith and find it!

But even then it gets complicated because if you try to tackle everything in one go you can overwhelm your clients, not to mention yourself!

So today’s challenge is to ask yourself ‘what will I be known for?’

If you’re already known as a superstar in your niche, you could ask yourself if you’re known for what you want to be known for.

We all need to tweak our niche from time to time or things get stale and we’re not aligned with our mission.

Here are 3 great ways for becoming known as the superstar in your niche:

  • Write a book that introduces the reader to your core expertise
  • Get booked as a speaker and become known for speaking on your expert topic

And then there’s my favourite which I recommend every coach and consultant have running through the core of their business:

  • The signature system, coaching system or your Transformation System as I like to call it.

If you’ve never heard of this it’s a pretty simple idea that most don’t implement, or if they do, they complicate it so it works against them.

It means that you outline your core client process that you take your clients through step by step and then you translate it into client language.

You probably use a very similar process for every client but might not realise it.

That’s especially the case if you customise all your client sessions and think you’re doing something completely different in each one.

Coaches get all tangled up in knots with this because they want to talk about their process but don’t know how to make it marketable.

The way to make it marketable is to translate your process into real tangible steps that your potential client understands right away and see the value of.

This is how you get known for the amazing transformation you bring to your clients.

I’ll be sharing more on this very soon so if you want to create your own Transformation System to attract clients to you with ease be sure to sign up for updates.

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