What to Do if You “Can’t Afford it”

What to do if you cant afford it“I can’t afford it,” is one of my least favourite expressions.

I take care never to say it.

When you hear people saying it you know that they’ve not yet got a prosperity mindset.

But it wasn’t always that way for me.

I’m sure I used to say it as much as the next person.

And often we say it in a robotic way.

A new client joined one of my programmes recently and she admitted that she’d said it without even thinking.

It simply wasn’t true.

You may find yourself saying it as a defense mechanism because you don’t really want to do it.

And that’s fair enough.

So I’m more honest with myself and now I’ll say, “I can’t be bothered to do it,” or “I choose not to do it now.”

I’ve trained myself to recognise the real reasons for my behaviour so rather than hiding behind “I can’t afford it,” I ask myself, “Do I really want to do it?”

If the answer if yes then I ask the next question which is, “How can I afford it?”

Now before you jump on your high horse and say, “But Rachel there are many people in this tough economy that just can’t afford to buy high level coaching or training programmes.”

I’m not saying you need to invest in coaching or whatever it is you feel you “can’t afford,” if you’re not able to put dinner on the table for your kids.

What I am saying is that using the excuse of not being able to afford something when you know in your heart it will move you towards your big goals and dreams, is a cop out.

We can all create more money in our lives by asking, “how can I afford it?”

Money is all around you and how much is coming your way depends how much of a prosperity mindset you have.

I used to argue with my prosperity mentors and texts on this. I found every come back in the book until finally I accepted this to be the truth.

It’s amazing how many things we can afford in this lovely world we’re in.

Everywhere I go I see people with new clothes, driving new cars and eating out in restaurants.

We now have more high tech devices per family member than whole families had 10 years ago.

Teenagers have iPhones, iPads and Doc Martins.  

And that’s the thing about kids.

They don’t say, “I can’t afford it.”  They say, “What can I do to afford it?”

For weeks my youngest daughter has been asking me how she can help me in the business so she can afford some original doc martins.

Tonight she’s working on our online magazine and washing the car.

So it seems as though most of us can afford what we decide we can afford, even young teens.

And unfortunately most of us are not educated to believe we are worthy of investing in ourselves so we think it’s fine to invest in our kids and cool to invest in a new washing machine or t.v but when it comes to investing in ourselves it’s a big test of our self worth.

When I started my first home based business ten years ago one of the first things I was told to do was book a plane ticket to Paris!

I was like, ‘Uhhhhh?’

I won’t tell you the whole story today but the result of my having the faith to invest in myself and my business was that I got to meet the legendary, Jim Rohn, and my husband and I were moved to tears.

That was the power of Jim Rohn.  Sometimes I wonder what I’d have done if I hadn’t got on that plane, even though I was broke and had every excuse in the book not to go.

I had no money, young kids, no babysitter, no time, was studying for a degree, and on and on it went.

Jim Rohn has passed on now but his wisdom lives on in my heart.

So the challenge for today is to ask yourself where are you being cheap with yourself?

Where are you saying no to your own highest good because you’ve been conditioned to say, “I can’t afford it?”

Here are a few places where you might be doing this in your business without even realising:

  • Not investing in training
  • Not investing in working with a coach
  • Not investing in getting the support you need to grow your business such as a Virtual Assistant to do the routine tasks you don’t like doing
  • Trying to do everything yourself such as your year end accounts and cleaning the house
  • Not getting the equipment & tools you need to run your internet based business with ease
  • Not giving yourself time off

And those are just a few …

I’d love to hear what it is for you or where you’ve shifted to being more generous with yourself.

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