I'm a Transformation Coach and the author of two best-selling business books. Find out more about my new, soon to be published book, "Living Fearlessly," at the companion website.

Why Work With Me?

I have a unique set of premium business, personal branding, money mindset, marketing and sales skills gained from 15 years in multiple offline and online businesses. I'm the author of best-selling books The Niche Expert & The Freedom Solution.

I'm also a certified Transformative Coach who blends practical Business Mentoring, with Fearless Mind-Shift Coaching.  I show you what's really going on in your head, so you can get more out of yourself. When you understand how YOU work, business becomes a lot easier.

When you work with me, the 'Fearless You,' will be unleashed.

You'll trust yourself more and see how you already have everything you need to live a fearless life and to be highly paid for your genius work.

Rachel's Bio

Rachel is the best-selling author of The Niche Expert & The Freedom Solution. She specialises in helping high achievers to live fearlessly and be highly paid for their genius work.

‘Breaking free’ of the job world upon relocating to a sleepy village in the UK, Rachel started her first home based business working from the breakfast bar round her two young daughters back in 2003.

Years later, tired of being away from her children so much, her love affair with the internet began and she attracted a global following. Rachel now works with clients around the world from her home office via Skype and in person with luxury intensives.

After 30 years of seeking and self-improvement Rachel has finally found the answers she was looking for. Combined with her extensive business and transformative coaching expertise she's able to help her clients experience lasting change both personally and professionally.

Rachel has invested in her own skills and development extensively throughout her career and has been certified in various modalities of business and money coaching and is a certified Transformative "SuperCoach."


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Me and my girlies in the early days

All I wanted was the freedom to be at home with my kids and to follow my passions so I decided to start my first business with a very modest goal of earning just £500 per month to pay some bills.

Random facts about me that may surprise you!

  • I'm a bit of an introvert in that I need A LOT of quiet time but I can talk to anyone, anywhere, so people think I must be an extrovert.  Time to ditch the personality labels?
  • I've been a vegetarian for about 3 years now and feel as though I'd like to become a vegan when I can break my addiction to dairy! The granddaughter of a Jersey farmer ... who would have thought?
  • My youngest daughter announced at dinner one day that she was no longer going to eat meat. She was 9 and has inspired the whole family to follow her example. Your kids are here to teach you lessons ...
  • My favourite pastime has always been reading. I'm a self taught speed reader and get through hundreds of books in many genres. I do love a good spy thriller but am quite fussy about what I'll read.
  • I'm insatiably curious about how the mind works, how to be happy and how to help people access their potential without fear and struggle. What else is there really? 

Me these days, enjoying a river walk in the village with our Cockapoo pup, Honey.

  • I adore my girls and they have always been a big inspiration to me. My mother died when I was 5 so being here for them has always felt like my most important job.
  • I've been married to the same really good guy for 23 years but we had two weddings; one at the registry office and one Jewish wedding in Jerusalem. Mazal Tov.
  • Always called to the spiritual I was reading Kabbalah in my teens and used to shlepp a bag of at least 10 books everywhere I went. I was studying and had no idea how weird I was!
  • I converted to Judaism in my twenties because it felt right. Orthodox conversion takes anything up to 6 years and they do not seek converts. Once accepted to the programme I converted in 1 year after going before a Rabbinical court. One of the most terrifying but joyful days of my life. Don't suppose my Catholic school would be very pleased.
  • Began a BA in English Literature with the University of London on a distance programme at the age of 29 when I'd just had my second baby. Two babies, a job, turbulent times in Israel and self-study at home. What was I thinking?
  • I'm quite extreme. Up and down. When I do something I usually go all the way!
  • I gave up drinking alcohol in 2010, the year my father died. I was a committed Pinot Grigio fan. They couldn't operate on him successfully because he'd been a heavy drinker. An amazing and wonderful father, we lost him too soon. I still miss him but I got the message.
  • My big brother died suddenly of a heart attack at age 48. We don't really know why. Still dealing with that one. Make each day count.
  • I love writing and always have an idea for a book. Have had two published so far. Have known I want to write books since I was a little kid. There's a thread running through our life that ties it all together.
  • I learned to speak Hebrew at age 18 after moving to Jerusalem out of the blue. Visited and didn't want to leave so I stayed for 12 years much to my family's dismay. My first word as a waitress was pickle - they like their food more than their booze over there!
  • Our girls were born 2 miles from Bethlehem but we've never been there because of all of the troubles and the divide in the city. Sad. Don't think Jesus would be impressed.
  • I lived in Jerusalem during the gulf war in 1991 when we were under scud attack. Carried a gas mask in my handbag for 6 weeks and slept in a room covered in plastic sheets! I learned that people are at their most resilient when under threat.
  • I feel anxiety about getting lost when driving but I've spoken in front of 7000 people on a stage in Italy and enjoyed it immensely. Our fears are all made of thought but they still feel scary!