I chose to work with Rachel after several years of following her work and really liking what I hear her saying. I have been running my business for 10 years now, really enjoying what I’m doing, but had this niggling feeling that I should be doing something more in order to move to the next level.

When I saw Rachel’s Fearless programme, and following my initial 1-1 call with her, I decided that now was the time to make a real investment in the next phase of my business / life.
I’d always thought that “transformation” would feel like something huge and mind-blowing. This transformation hasn’t been like that. It’s felt smooth, calm and natural. My mind has shifted, but not in an explosive or difficult way – my thinking is changing and my view of how the world works – and how I can operate within it - is now very different. I'm making space to think and really take advantage of opportunities that are presenting themselves that I couldn't see before and I'm feeling so much more relaxed and happy.
What I most enjoy about the programme is that it feels easy and possible. There aren’t any rules or processes to follow. I have never felt wrong and I have never felt as if “I should have…” or “if only I had…”.

Every time I speak to Rachel it is an easy and relaxed conversation – at the end of which I realise what I have achieved and can achieve. One of my key insights has been “it’s OK to feel OK” which sounds so simple, but is SO profound for me.
Thank you Rachel – this programme is fantastic and it’s evolving all the time. What a great thing to be a part of!

Jackie Clifford, Director – Clarity Learning and Development www.claritylearninganddevelopment.com

“During my first session with Rachel I had a eureka moment! There was a sudden shift in my thoughts, perceptions and how I would deal with things, something I hadn't experienced in any type of intervention before. Within a week of starting this course my world had become more positive, I was engaging in work and being incredibly productive. I found myself feeling happier, at ease.

Over time i became a 'do-er' rather than a 'thinker' and became so much more productive. I found myself saying 'yes' to all kinds of things, something that i would have halted on in the past with the fear of 'what if i do it wrong' or 'what if i mess' up. I changed into being care free and just go with the flow, whatever happens, i will have tried. I developed a more settling feeling, a calmness in this new found freedom which wasn't crippled by doubt. I don't know what the future holds, whatever it will be, i will be part of it, in that moment.

Thank you! xxx"

June, University Professor

“I started working with Rachel to help me with all the classic symptoms of online overwhelm I felt about promoting my new book.

I was hoping for some handholding but actually got brainwashing - in the best possible sense! 😉  She showed me how to clear my mind of a load of gunk I didn’t really know was there.

I just did my first video to promote the book as part of an online conference - a generous offer to interview me came out of the blue from a colleague in California.

I now feel completely ready to face all the ins and outs of building my online presence, and ready to enjoy doing it - which is proof that her coaching actually works!"

Nick Pole, author of ‘Words That Touch - How to ask questions your body can answer’ to be published by Singing Dragon, 2017

“Thank you for today's session. It really helped me to shift from my old way of thinking. Sometimes we sign up for a programme thinking about the surface things we'll get and not realising that there are so many hidden benefits! After selling my previous business and beginning a new coaching career I felt like I was having an identity crisis and as a high achiever I've felt a lot of guilt and fear about not working as hard as I used to. Your deeper level coaching helps me to unblock and gain new insights about myself, money and freedom. I've experienced some really powerful breakthroughs and value your intuitive way of working."

Heidi von Hase, Entrepreneur, Coach & Mentor To Creative Women In Business

“When I joined Rachel's program, I thought that I was going to create one VIP program. However, when I delved into her training and had my individual sessions with her I realized how small I had been thinking. Rachel's work provides you with the framework that lets you expand and grow your programs and offerings organically. So what starts off as one easily becomes a thriving business where you can offer a suite of complementary products.

In addition, through her guidance I have gained the confidence to create high-end offerings. I doubt I would have mastered it so quickly by doing the small, self-study coaching programs I had done before. This is truly a ticket to MY Freedom lifestyle."

Naheed Oberfeld, Wealth Coach & EFT Specialist www.oberfeldcoaching.com

“Since starting working with Rachel 6 weeks ago, I have achieved so much! I have launched my signature programme, increased my prices, written 2 new sales pages (which would normally have taken a week each and only took a couple of hours) and feel I have much more structure around my business. In one of our calls we walked through a simple 3 step campaign to book discovery calls and within a week I had received 10 applications to speak with me. Highly recommend working with her!”

Rebecca Boulton, Nutritional Therapist & Hormone Balancing Expert www.simpleandcleannutrition.com

"I've had a huge breakthrough around how I think about money and the value of what I offer.  As a result of our coaching together my mindset has completely changed and I've stepped into a new identity of leadership which I'm able to operate from for all of my marketing and business decisions.

I feel confident to reach out for high level opportunities that I didn't see before and I have a premium business model in place which I'm really excited about."

Richard Daniel Curtis, Author and Leading Child Behaviour Expert


"After just a couple of sessions working with Rachel I’ve been able to improve my focus and get more done in big chunks of time without being distracted like I was before joining the programme.

As someone new to working from home I’m finding it’s helped me tremendously and it’s been great fun working on my business the last few weeks.

The frameworks Rachel has given me have really helped me to create my signature programme and a big breakthrough is I’m now able to stand out by being able to offer a specific solution rather than just talking about consulting.'"

Phil Powdrill, Exit Strategy Expert www.vestrica.com

"Before joining Rachel's 3 Steps to Freedom programme I was feeling like my brand message and marketing needed to evolve using the most effective marketing channels that would reflect how I had personally developed and grown my global business.

In the Juicy Marketing Message VIP Intensive Rachel helped me to quickly come to the realisation that I have a solid platform of expertise to position and package for corporates and coaching clients, the strong brand message and plan we co-created feels natural, organic and aligned to my purpose. My new brand is reborn and I'm super excited about the next phase. Watch this space!"

Rachel Petero, Global Talent Transformation Expert & Coach, www.RachelPetero.com

“I was feeling frustrated and confused about my marketing and the more I thought about it the more I realised it's not just the online and offline that are disconnected but all the bits within each stream too. As I worked with Rachel I realised that my messaging was not as consistent as I'd thought it was! Having Rachel looking at it makes so much difference and I can now see a clear path for growing my brand and online presence and have been able to use the plan we created to re-brand my website immediately.

After our initial Juicy Marketing Message VIP Day, I joined Rachel's 3 Steps to Freedom and quickly upgraded my programme, doubled my prices and got 2 new clients using Rachel's 6 Ps enrollment process, in what would usually be a very slow holiday period. I was also able to create my own unique branded system and VIP programme that we designed together around my weight loss expertise, which I'm really excited about. I couldn't have done it without Rachel's coaching and we're only just getting started." 

Julie Dennis, Weight Loss Specialist

Updated 2016

"When I started working with Rachel I was a local personal trainer charging by the hour. I now deliver virtual premium programmes to VIP clients across the UK as The Menopause Coach. Rachel’s guidance and expertise have enabled me to step into my niche, create a visible brand, and establish market presence. I’ve developed a signature suite of programmes to ensure my lovely clients have access to the expert advice and support necessary to navigate their menopause years with grace and with ease. Personal development and mindset work are subtly woven into Rachel’s coaching and the fortnightly calls were invaluable to keep me accountable and on track with my goals. The biggest thing I’ve learnt is you’ve got to act!  You can’t expect results if you don’t put yourself out there and Rachel’s given me the knowledge and confidence to do that.

Julie Dennis, The Menopause Coach, www.JulieDennis.Net

“Since we did my plan together I feel so much more focused and know exactly what to do to rebrand my website and to market to attract my new perfect client. Thank you for that! I also appreciate that you're willing to be flexible within your system so that it worked for me and was adapted for my unique situation as opposed to your way or not at all."

Linda Barbour, Clear Effective & Practical Solutions, www.commonsensecounselling.co.uk

“Before joining 3 Steps to Freedom my challenge was deciding on my niche and getting my message to them. It was like I was too close to my own work, I couldn't see the wood for the trees and that's where Rachel came in.

I’ve had 3 massive breakthroughs including enrolling a VIP client which covered almost all of my investment!

As we talked through the work I do with ideal clients, I suddenly realised my expertise and what it enables my clients to do. In that moment I became the expert that I now feel completely comfortable marketing myself as.

My new expert solution system helped me move another client meeting to the next stage yesterday - thanks for your help creating it! Suddenly I'm focussed on pursuing all the opportunities available and my new level of confidence inspires my clients to invest with confidence!:) We're only a couple of weeks in and I can't wait to see where my business is and how much I can deliver for clients when we complete all 3 steps of the Freedom programme!..”


“Working with Rachel has transformed me from a business owner to a profitable business owner! She’s coached me through the resistance we all encounter when we step up as leaders and business owners. She’s also helped me see objectively the value I bring to clients and express it in a way that helps clients come on board with me and grow into the successful leaders they deserve to be."

Laura Lucas PhD, Leadership & Sales Coach www.Inspirential.com

"I've experienced a massive shift with the realisation that I'm more than just a writer! I help people make a success of their book for their business.

I couldn't have created my Expert Solution System without Rachel because I would have over-complicated it and got lost in the detail of the various things I do.

After implementing what I learned in the 3 Steps to Freedom Programme I made a 500% return on investment and have re-enrolled!


"In the time I've spent working with Rachel, I've gone from simply having a business idea to having a proper programme, a website which promotes it, a system for recruiting and converting clients, and a high end business model. In addition I've become more resilient, have gained clarity of thinking and am much better able to evaluate new ideas according to whether or not they'll help my business. Thank you Rachel, for your calm wisdom and constant support - I couldn't have done it without you."

Ginny Carter, Author Maker, www.AuthorMaker.co.uk

"It's been a great pleasure working with Rachel. Her practical and down to earth advice has been fundamental to clearing the fog of confusion that internet marketing presents. I'm now in a much stronger position and I look forward to implementing her sound advice."

Phillip Reynolds, Joint CEO, Oak

"Rachel has been an outstanding mentor and adviser for me as I develop my international speaking and authoring career. I first hired her as an occasional coach but the relationship has further grown into ongoing mentorship and expert guidance. I couldn’t recommend Rachel and her eagle-eyed support more strongly!"

David Clive Price PhD, Asia Business Consultant and Speaker on China & Asia Markets, Bestselling Author, 中国和亚洲市场 演说家, www.DavidClivePrice.com

"Rachel's niche coaching was quite amazing. In less than 30 minutes she honed in with laser focus to help me narrow my niche to such clarity I feel totally psyched to forge ahead. I had been swimming in a foggy mix of niches for 6 months and now the water is clear! Thank you thank you Rachel!"

Stephanie Trager JD, The Holistic Business Coach, www.stephanietrager.com

'I was excited by the idea of a system but probably wouldn't have done anything about it as there are too many obstacles to doing it by yourself. Otherwise I would have done it already and not be searching online for help! I had so many ideas for a long time but no framework and didn't know how to actually deliver them as tangible results. The biggest surprise was just how much fun it was creating my system and brand! It feels authentic for me and not just something I want to sell!"

Marabeth McSeveney, Family Business Expert

"When I decided that one of my goals for 2013 was to write a best-selling book on social media I knew I was going to need a coach! I interviewed several that fit the criteria but I picked Rachel as she really listened to what I needed, and she had expertise in the field being the author of a best-selling (and very powerful) book herself.

Working with Rachel was a joy; she was always prompt and fully committed to me – even when I wasn’t! She did as I asked and gave me a kick when I needed a kick, and comforted and inspired me when I needed it. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have achieved my goal without her; hiring Rachel will never be a waste of money as she makes sure that every penny you spend is invested completely in you and your success."

Gemma Thompson, Social Media Speaker, Strategist, Trainer and NOW Best-Selling Author of The British Book of Social Media Marketing, www.socialmediaillumination.co.uk

"Before I started working with Rachel I was going round in circles and off on tangents as I had so many ideas and was beginning to feel overwhelmed. By signing up to the bootcamp and some 1 to 1 mentoring I quickly gained focus and identified my Niche. I now feel much more able to move forward with confidence and have a far clearer idea of where I am heading. Thank you Rachel."
Susanne Erricker,
Director, CoachTrain Consulting Ltd

“Although I’ve been using social media for quite some time, Rachel’s Content Marketing Magnet VIP Day gave me exactly what I needed – a toolkit for ‘pulling together’ my work across the board. In particular Rachel helped me to see how a consistent use of carefully chosen keywords over all channels (and optimising our blog around those keywords) would give my website visits and online signups the boost I know they need.”

Allan Scott, Director, Newsletter Genie Ltd

'If you are building any type of business online, defining your niche clearly to attract your desired audience is very critical to your success.

A couple months ago I felt the need to sharpen my niche focus, in order to more effectively attract the people who are looking for what I have to offer. Needless to say, this was not as easy as I had hoped – you just can't always see yourself in the same light that others do.

After consulting with Rachel, I was able to sharpen my focus and define "who I am" much more clearly. Rachel has a gift for looking at the big picture and helping you present yourself much more effectively. This means more business and increased income, especially in today's crowded and competitive online environment. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone seeking to reach a specific market for any type of opportunity, product, or service."

Eldon Beard, Home Business Coach, www.EldonBeard.com

"I feel very lucky indeed to have found Rachel and her Niche Expert program. Rachel’'s professionalism and integrity were like a breath of fresh air. I had a very powerful message that I wanted to share that would make a real difference in people’s' lives and also give me the freedom of having my own home based business.

Although I already had a lot of my business foundation in place, there were missing links, and Rachel helped me to connect everything together. Her clear, step by step program is a must in my book for anyone who not only wants to define their niche, but also set up their business correctly so that it attracts the right clients and builds their business. My Coaching sessions with Rachel, along with her downloadable program, took my business to a whole new level in only a few short months."”

Tonya Sheridan, Life Coach, Interior Design Life Coaching™ www.TonyaSheridan.com

"Rachel and her coaching program is a fabulous way to have someone sitting on your shoulder helping you out with your business and your online presence. I have had some great advice from Rachel and so I implemented it quickly and ended up with some good results. I had the same number of orders last month as someone else did who is in the same business but who has been doing it for 22 years! Sometimes it’'s just the little things that I don’'t see, and Rachel does, but the little things all add up! I feel Rachel will always be a friend as well as a mentor, even though we have never met."”

Vicki Kenny, Weight Management Coach & Founder of Live Healthy www.LiveHealthynz.co.nz

"The Niche Expert Program has been a real discovery (and a relief too) to understand that the purpose is not anymore about building a website: it is about putting in place a flexible, lively and light online system to connect with prospects, customers and clients."…”

Veronique Mermaz, Helping your Brand Reach French Customers www.ForYourBrandOnly.com

“Rachel, thank you for helping me get clarity on how to best present my services. After working with you I was quite confident on how to move forward. Your ability to pull information out of someone and zero in on the most important pieces is impressive and your insight was invaluable."

John M. Fischette, Executive Coach, www.getalifewithjohnatwork.com

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